Online Oasis for Showcasing Artistic Creations

  • Laravel Development
  • 6 months ago
Online Oasis for Showcasing Artistic Creations
Online Oasis for Showcasing Artistic Creations

Project Overview

An Innovative SaaS Web Application for Photographers and Creative Designers



The project was initiated by a photographer and a seasoned product consultant with extensive experience working alongside celebrities and creatives globally. Their vision was to create an innovative platform tailored for photographers and creative designers seeking recognition, feedback, and monetization opportunities for their work.



Creative Arts and Photography Technology


Business Requirement

Our client envisioned transforming their existing minimalist website into a comprehensive SaaS-based web platform. Inspired by the success of platforms like Dribbble, they aspired to create a competitive arena where photographers worldwide could submit their work for appraisal. The submitted photographs would undergo a rigorous review process by a panel of judges integrated into the system who would provide valuable feedback. Additionally, photographers would have the opportunity to monetize their artwork by offering it for sale to other creatives who could download it through the application.


Photographers on the platform would benefit from a comprehensive dashboard providing insights into influencers and monetization status. This application also doubled as a social media platform for photographers and creatives, offering a suite of social networking features. The application was designed to cater to both freemium and premium users, each with its own set of features.



  • Tight Timelines: Adherence to a strict timeline was crucial.
  • Intricate UI/UX: Meeting the high demands for an intricate UI/UX design was challenging.
  • Customizing Nova: Efficiently customizing Nova for streamlined admin management posed a challenge.


Cubet’s Solution

Cubet proposed the development of a mobile-responsive, adaptive web application with modules deployed iteratively to meet tight deadlines. Given the discerning audience of creatives, our UX team collaborated extensively with the client to devise an intuitive UX flow and an aesthetically pleasing UI/UX design. The frontend of the application was developed using Angular, while the backend was powered by Laravel and Nova.


Key Features

  • Comprehensive SAAS management dashboard.
  • Tools for award shortlisting and voting
  • A robust messaging platform.
  • Integrated payment system.
  • A repository for stock photos.
  • Member dashboards and extensions


Algorithm for Artwork Listing

To enhance the user experience, an advanced algorithm was implemented to list artworks based on user activity and interests. This algorithm leveraged machine learning and user behavior analysis to recommend artworks that align with each user's preferences and usage patterns. By continuously learning from user interactions, the platform was able to deliver personalized and engaging content, fostering a deeper connection between artists and appreciators.

This innovative algorithm ensured that the platform always showcased relevant and captivating artwork, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.



The revamped platform not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, offering a dynamic and engaging space for photographers and creatives worldwide. With its intuitive user experience and personalized artwork recommendations, the platform has become a thriving hub for artistic expression, bringing together a global community of artists and enthusiasts.

As a testament to its success, the platform has witnessed substantial growth in user engagement and monetization opportunities, solidifying its position as a premier destination for showcasing user-made artwork.



Frontend: Angular

Backend: Laravel, Nova

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