Enabling Influencer Synergy in Creative Communities

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  • 7 months ago
Enabling Influencer Synergy in Creative Communities
Enabling Influencer Synergy in Creative Communities


A Niche Social Media Application Designed for Creatives and Influencers.



A Swedish startup backed by Swedish government agencies, driven by a dynamic team of young professionals with a vision to disrupt the current trends in social media,

The project was funded by prominent Hollywood stars, making it highly attractive to high-profile Hollywood users.



Social Media and Digital Influence


Business Vision:

The client's vision was to create a platform where users could curate and share collections of creative content with a community of like-minded individuals. Initially, the requirement was for an iOS app that would facilitate collaborations and relationships among creatives. The client had an ambitious software development plan that included Android apps and an admin system following the iOS app launch. The primary goal was to deliver a unique user experience that aligned with the client's vision. The monetization strategy was centered around influencer marketing.


Cubet’s Tailored Solution:

Recognizing the client's needs, we designed a native iOS app aimed at developing and digitizing revenue streams for creatives. We created a visually appealing grid-like editing interface that provided users with a free and open space to craft content. The app was tailor-made for creatives, offering seamless community engagement. It featured an automatic hashtag suggestion system, ensuring that hashtags remained relevant to the content. We also developed a comprehensive admin system that provided the product owner with valuable analytics and insights into app traffic and user metrics.


Challenges Overcome:

  • Distinct User Experience: Ensuring that the app did not resemble or feel like Facebook was a significant challenge. This required meticulous attention to UI and development phases to achieve a differentiated user experience.
  • Advanced Editing Features: The app offered more than basic photo uploads. It included features such as live reordering, photo editing, and video editing capabilities, all custom-built to meet the client's specifications.
  • Complex Feed Features: The app's feed allowed reordering, resizing, and pinch zooming, which presented a major technical challenge.


Key Features Implemented:

  • Social Engagement: Traditional social media functionalities facilitating community connection and engagement.
  • Feed Customization: Empowering users to curate personalized feeds with advanced editing options.
  • Live Interaction: Real-time text and voice chat enhancing dynamic user engagement.


Custom Content Algorithm:

To enhance user engagement and relevance, a sophisticated content algorithm was implemented. This algorithm analyzed user interests and behaviors to generate personalized content and suggestions. It ensured that users were exposed to content that aligned with their preferences and interests, fostering a deeper connection between users and the platform.


Impactful Results:

The app successfully created a niche space for creatives and influencers, providing a unique and engaging platform for collaboration and influence. Backed by Hollywood stars and targeting high-profile Hollywood users, it gained significant attention and adoption within the creative community.

The project exemplified the capabilities of a tailored social media solution, offering users an innovative and distinct experience. The custom content algorithm played a pivotal role in keeping users engaged by delivering content tailored to their interests, further cementing the platform's status as a go-to hub for creatives and influencers.


Technological Foundation:

  • iOS Development: Leveraging native iOS capabilities for seamless user experience
  • Backend: Laravel, ensuring robust and scalable backend operations.

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