Enabling Digital Transformation in Construction Management

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  • 9 months ago
Enabling Digital Transformation in Construction Management
Enabling Digital Transformation in Construction Management


Our client is one of the largest heavy-duty contractors, boasting a workforce of over 100,000 employees.






Construction Subcontractor Time, Attendance, Work, and Salary Management Software.


Business Requirement

With construction contracts spanning various locations, our client sought an innovative software solution to streamline their operations, including the subcontracting process, subcontractor staff management, work allocation, efficiency tracking, salary management, and more. The objective was to digitize their operations entirely, eliminating administrative inefficiencies that had been a major concern for management, resulting in significant revenue mismanagement.



To address the client's specific needs, we proposed a solution that encompassed both mobile apps for end-user operations and web app portals for contractors and management. The mobile apps were designed to be installed on employees' mobile devices, enabling features such as attendance tracking through geolocation, work time monitoring, and efficiency calculation. Employees were also provided with a dashboard to access their personal data. For contractors and administrators, we developed web portals equipped to manage all operational aspects. We recommended the use of a Native iOS and Android app for employees and an Angular-Laravel technology stack for the web portals.

The system leveraged geofencing technology for accurate staff attendance management at various work sites.



  • Labor Laws: Adhering to local labor laws was crucial during the software development process, necessitating the incorporation of these regulations into the app's logic and functionality. Complex
  • Business Logic: Managing multiple work locations and numerous subcontractors required intricate business logic that could accommodate all user roles. Translating these complex business rules into software logic presented a significant challenge. 
  • Scalability and User Experience: With a substantial and active user base, ensuring a user-friendly and convenient experience for employers was a challenge that demanded scalability and usability considerations.


Key Features

  • Geolocation-Based Check-In and Check-Out: Geofencing technology facilitated precise attendance tracking for employees.
  • Resource Working Time Management Tool: Efficiently managed working hours and tasks for improved productivity.
  • Payroll Dashboard: Streamlined salary and compensation management.
  • Subcontractor Dashboard: Comprehensive features for subcontractor management.
  • Support System: An integrated support system for user assistance and issue resolution.


Automated Worksite Management and Staff Attendance

One of the standout features of this software is its automated worksite management and staff attendance using geofencing technology. Geofencing allows for precise tracking of employee check-in and check-out times at different work locations, ensuring accurate attendance records. This feature not only simplifies attendance management but also contributes to enhanced worksite efficiency and compliance with labor laws.



The delivered software solution successfully transformed our client's operations, paving the way for a more streamlined and efficient subcontractor management process. By embracing geofencing technology for staff attendance, the client achieved a higher level of accuracy and transparency in workforce management. Moreover, the software's scalability and user-friendly design ensured a positive experience for all users, from employees in the field to contractors and administrators.

The project exemplified the value of tailored software solutions in addressing complex operational challenges and demonstrated how technology can enhance efficiency and compliance in the construction industry.


Technologies Included

  • Laravel, 
  • Angular
  • React native
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