Advanced Robotics for Automations

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Advanced Robotics for Automations
Advanced Robotics for Automations

The Client:

The technology company is a name to reckon with in the industrial automation and robotics domains. It is driving the Industry 4.0 revolution with bespoke robotics ecosystems designed to handle automated warehouse management of fruits and vegetables. The system with powerful vision processing capabilities and robotics can automate conveyor belt movements, analyze quality, quantity, and weight, pack the items into boxes, and move to logistics. Artificial intelligence and IOT technologies were used as the core of the system. 


The Challenge:

Roadblocks That Called for Our Expert Intervention

The client suffered from an array of disadvantages in its bid to optimise the vision surveillance system and the robotic control unit.

  • The client's in-house IT team faced a shortage of practical experience in the fields of IoT, cloud computing, AI, and ML. As a result, the client was unable to fully leverage the potential of these innovative technologies, causing challenges in their development and implementation.


  • Non-provision of Hardware access.

The client didn’t make its hardware accessible to us at the outset. This posed a problem in correct and expeditious integration of IoT system as our team had to understand the hardware system’ functionality and its peculiarities. A simple glitch could otherwise hinder digital twin technology’s functioning. 


  • Untrained Staff of client

Our team figured out that the staff of client lacked sufficient training in operating and maintaining the IoT system. Training had to be imparted first to ensure that the test of Node-RED control system’s functionality happens adequately for the identification of flaws and behavioural inconsistencies.


  • Efforts needed for mobilizing continuous support for IoT ecosystem installation.

During the installation of IoT ecosystem, regular support was needed in factory line to fine-tune the control system for effective and snag-free operation. Provision had to be made for ease of system’s maintenance and seamless future updates to adapt to the changing dynamics of the factory line.


The Transformation:

Executing Comprehensive Innovative Modifications for Stellar Outcomes

Our experts collaborated strategically with the client to develop a failsafe vision analytical platform underpinned by AI, ML, and IoT for supporting industrial applications with complex demands. 

We offered cutting-edge solutions to materialize client’s lofty ambitions, as outlined below.

  • Cloud computing was strengthened to infuse flexibility and scalability into the platform while reinforcing security for optimum privacy of sensitive data.
  • The engineering intricacies of Robotics System was thoroughly analyzed to ensure compatibility with the design inputs of top global robotics giants like robnor, robotnorge,, etc.
  • The efficacy of IoT integration and digital visualization was rigorously tested for high-end and sophisticated conveyor belts, robotic arms, and other machine parts
  • The state-of-the-art Ocellus vision system was fine-tuned to ensure that AI, physics engine, and  conventional vision technology synergize uniquely for easily executing complex tasks.
  • Ocellus’s compatibility with a diverse array of cameras, including hyper-spectral and 3D ones, area and line scanners, and laser profilers, was tested to streamline the capturing of videos and images in high resolution and deriving invaluable insights with power propelled processing.
  • The process of training, evaluating, and deploying of advanced or feature-packed AI models on the Ocellus AI cloud platform was made more robust.
  • The application potential of Ocellus was fully unleashed after conducting rigorous tests to fortify its robustness and versatility for real-world commercial ventures.
  • The efficiency of the JavaScript-driven programming framework, Node-RED Control System, was bolstered for event-triggered applications.
  • Seamless integration of Node-RED with the robotics system was ensured by Cubet’s team to empower the client to take optimum control of production lines.
  • Task distribution to robots, updating of MRP and ERP systems, collection and visualization of big data, and other analytical jobs were streamlined.

Technological Prowess Leveraged To Bring About The Astounding Transformation

At Cubet, we reinforced the robotic ecosystem of client with innovative interventions underpinned by technological prowess, as outlined below.

  • AI and machine learning frameworks:
  1. TensorFlow
  2. PyTorch
  • IoT device integration tools:
  1. Node-RED
  • Cloud computing platforms:
  1. Azure
  • Data analytics and visualization tools:
  1. Tableau
  2. Elasticsearch

The Impact

Client’s Digital Twin Technology Experiences Thumping Success

Cubet’s strategic leveraging of contemporary digital technology coupled with innovative tweaks resulted in taking the performance, ease of application, and versatility of the client’s robotic system to the next level. 

The highly customizable Digital Twin platform for clients was launched with updated and cutting-edge features like

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Real-time simulation and monitoring
  • Remote control option
  • Intuitive anomaly detection

The client started leveraging its bespoke, powerful, and versatile platform for catering to different industry verticals like energy, manufacturing, transit, etc. The companies that availed themselves of the client’s robotics platform were better empowered to optimise operations through simulations that translated into enhanced efficiency, remarkable cost benefits, and protracted uptime. 

Cubet’s expertise and ingenious support brought clients unparalleled recognition as trailblazers in Digital Twin landscape. The client was bestowed with prestigious industry awards for innovation.


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