A SaaS Idea Management and Collaboration Platform

  • Laravel Development
  • 9 months ago
A SaaS Idea Management and Collaboration Platform
A SaaS Idea Management and Collaboration Platform


A prestigious award-winning Digital agency headquartered in the UK, renowned for their inventive product lineup and cutting-edge solutions.



Technology and Software Development



A Revolutionary SaaS Idea Management and Collaboration Platform Tailored for Entrepreneurs and Businesses



  • Algorithm Development: Crafting a sophisticated algorithm to accurately rank and prioritize ideas, ensuring fairness and efficacy.
  • Optimized UI/UX: Designing an intuitive user interface for effective space management amidst a plethora of information and Calls to Action(CTAs).
  • Intranet Security: Implementing the platform within a highly secure intranet environment for one of their prominent clients, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.
  • Innovative Gamification: Introducing out-of-the-box gamification elements and unique scoring mechanisms to measure individual contributions to the innovation program effectively.


Key Features:

  • Idea Curation Tool: A robust system facilitating the refinement and organization of ideas, ensuring clarity and coherence.
  • Team Management Portals: Collaborative spaces equipped with tools for seamless team coordination, enhancing collaboration and productivity.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Instant alerts and notifications keep users informed about relevant activities, ensuring prompt response and engagement.
  • Space Management Tools: Intuitive tools ensuring optimal utilization of screen space, enhancing the user experience, andaccessibility.
  • Web App and Mobile Compatibility: A seamlessly integrated platform accessible through both web and mobile interfaces, providing flexibility and convenience to users on various devices.


Cubet’s Solution:

Cubet crafted and delivered a comprehensive Idea Management & Collaboration Platform, aligning with the client's ambitious vision. Leveraging Laravel for robust backend development, Laravel Blade and Angular for frontend interfaces, and React Native for mobile applications, Cubet ensured a seamless, responsive, and user-friendly experience. The integration of Single Sign-On (SSO), Active Directory (AD), and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) streamlined the authentication process, enhancing security and user convenience.



Cubet's innovative platform not only fulfilled the client's objective of providing a primary workspace for entrepreneurs but also fostered a vibrant and engaging community. The platform became the go-to destination for idea management, encouraging active participation from organizations and individuals alike. Real-time notifications, coupled with intuitive tools, transformed the idea management process, leading to enhanced productivity, creativity, and successful idea implementations.  



Frontend: Laravel Blade, Angular (Web), React Native (Mobile)

Backend: Laravel

Mobile Platforms: iOS and Android

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