Medical Legacy Goes Digital

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Medical Legacy Goes Digital
Medical Legacy Goes Digital


The client is one of the world’s oldest and most distinguished general medical journals since 1840. It enjoys monetary support from the World Health Organization and different governments for maintaining an immersive online platform where experts in the medical field can publish their seminal works, offering exhaustive insights into various health matters and proactively mitigating epidemics. They also host various events and awards to recognize achievements  and awards in the medical field.



Healthcare and NGO



The unsullied reputation of the client was at stake in 2014 as its online application was buckling under heavy organic traffic generated by the footfall of an astoundingly large number of physicians and medical scholars. This compromised the pace and ease with which visitors could seamlessly publish or refer to articles on the platform. The client’s brand value was getting dented due to a jaw-dropping plunge in article publications. 



The client had high expectations from us for developing a reliable, efficient, and scalable technical intervention to facilitate the platform's ability to handle high traffic volumes and streamline uninterrupted access to medical journals by healthcare professionals from around the globe. We lived up to the aspirations of clients by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to develop a failsafe support system for sustaining the online journal’s reliability and availability. 



We were confronted with the following challenges, which were overcome by our team with a strategic approach. 

  • Existing legacy client applications were  riddled with security and compatibility challenges.
  • Client’s NGO status and globally scattered stakeholder base made it difficult for it to devote optimum attention to assessing the performance needs of new software, rigorously testing viable solutions, and maintaining the system.
  • Markup tools, multi-window conferencing, award leaderboards, and other such requirements were highly futuristic.
  • New and existing processes had to be realigned to conform to GDPR norms.



Cubet’s team set out to offer a complete technical facelift for the client within a reasonably short span of time. We organized sprint meetings for analysis and identification of challenges faced by clients' digital learning platforms. After mapping the client’s needs from the perspective of its diverse stakeholders, we presented the blueprint of an innovative digital learning platform. The agile yet robust system architecture could endure high website traffic volumes and provided versatility in terms of creating courses, sharing knowledge, collaborating, training, and hosting online events. 

We leveraged the following technical frameworks to accomplish our goal

  • WordPress 
  • Laravel 
  • Angular
  • Python


The overhaul of the archaic system was done on a war footing to ensure minimum downtime. Cubet’s glitch-free solution featured the following spectrum of services:

  • robust and resilient website that can expeditiously and seamlessly handle the entire array of journal related medical research and knowledge repository services
  • The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare empowers the client to create new online events for hosting international conferences virtually, conducting concurrent medical conferences, and accommodating the  desired number of speakers/ participants 
  • The interactive Learning Management System (LMS) offers an immersive and superior quality learning and training experience for medical professionals and students.
  • Bespoke web application to facilitate the client in creating different websites with tailored layouts and customized URLs to promote events
  • Simplified Awards Management System through which the client can seek entries for its medicine/ healthcare awards, curate eligible submissions, carry out discussions with potential awardees, pose assessment questions, and select winners in various categories


Cubet’s comprehensive solution carried provisions for uplifting administrative processes related to gathering requirements for new software, feasibility analysis, and regular maintenance in adherence to GDPR’s data privacy norms. 


Outcomes and Impact

The client was extremely satisfied with the technical makeover we offered to its digital touchpoint. It stood to harvest a number of tangible and intangible advantages, as outlined below. 

  • In the 1st month of implementation itself, the organic traffic grew by leaps and bounds and no downtime or server crashes were recorded
  • Client’s reputation and brand recognition soared through opening up of channels for regular collaboration and communication with stakeholders
  • Powerful features equipped online ecosystem allowed client to optimally cater to the information appetite of medical practitioners and healthcare enthusiasts
  • Administrative processes experienced significant improvement as services related to acquisition of relevant information for new software, accurate testing, and maintenance of digital learning platform became more efficient
  • Client could harness digital technology’s potential to the fullest for keeping its stakeholders collaboratively engaged and meeting the needs of its customers optimally 
  • The new platform was enriched with cutting-edge features that are simple to use and apply for accessing relevant information

As a proficient technology partner for our client, Cubet’s state-of-the-art solution helped the client gain a leading edge in the competitive digital learning landscape. 

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