EMR Enhances Doctor-Patient Interactions

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  • a year ago
EMR Enhances Doctor-Patient Interactions
EMR Enhances Doctor-Patient Interactions


An EMR company managed by a group of eminent doctors from Asia and the USA.





Client Overview:

The client is a prominent healthcare entity and a leading provider of customized EMR (Electronic Medical Record) applications for medical practitioners. They sought to enhance their existing EMR application to improve the user experience and increase its popularity. Additionally, they aimed to develop a unified healthcare platform that would bring together qualified doctors and automate appointment booking for patients.


Challenges Faced:

  • Redesigning user experience of the EMR application.
  • Implementing high priority changes within a short timeframe to eliminate productivity loss and protect the client's reputation.
  • Fix the current platform's stability and scalability issues and migrate to a new server environment.
  • Updating existing features, modifying workflows, and introducing new functionalities to improve efficiency.


Solutions Provided:

Cubet's team took up the challenges and strategically devised an implementation plan to address them. Here are the solutions offered:

EMR Application Enhancements:

  • Revamped the dashboard for doctors and nurses, integrating new features such as current date details, appointment information, and patient snapshots.
  • Provided a "Speech to Text" feature for recording consultations, enabling doctors to dictate advice verbally and have it converted to text within the patient's record.
  • Introduced support features like video tutorials, appointment alerts, remote monitoring, and medicine tracking to optimize system usage and enhance patient care.


Platform Upgrades:

  • Conducted a comprehensive revamp of the UI/UX, updating skins, color schemes, and close buttons.
  • Redesigned the calendar preview for better visualization of doctor slots.
  • Streamlined illness history, search capabilities, patient information display, family history integration, and report sections for doctors.
  • Enhanced the mobile app with multiple image uploads, video tutorials, government ID inclusion, and wearable device integration.
  • Implemented add-ons such as wearable data connectivity, video consultation link sharing, and group consultations with third-party tools.


Technologies Included:

  • Angular 
  • Laravel
  • MySQL


Outcomes and Impact:

The revitalized applications launched in record time, providing doctors, nurses, and patients with improved user experiences and valuable features. Doctors could make better-informed diagnoses, nurses had enhanced patient monitoring capabilities, and patients benefited from a streamlined appointment booking process and relevant alerts.


The client's applications gained popularity among eminent doctors, leading to higher revenues and consistent profits. The TekDoc platform became a go-to solution for bringing doctors together, automating appointment booking, and facilitating virtual interactions. The client solidified their reputation as a pioneering healthcare services provider in the Maldives, experiencing significant subscriber growth and revenue increases.


Key Takeaways:

  • This case study demonstrates how Cubet helped a leading healthcare entity to enhance their EMR application and improve the user experience.
  • The project was completed within a short timeframe and within budget, and the revitalized applications have had a positive impact on the client's business.
  • The case study highlights the importance of user experience in healthcare applications, and the value of adding new features and functionalities to improve efficiency.



  • Other healthcare organizations can benefit from the client's experience by enhancing their EMR applications.
  • Organizations can use the case study as a reference to identify the specific challenges and requirements of their own EMR applications.
  • Organizations can use the case study to understand the benefits of user experience enhancements and new feature additions.
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