WordPress 4.6 Beta 2: what can you expect?

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WordPress 4.6 Beta 2: what can you expect?

WordPress 4.6 Beta 2 what can you expect

Last month WordPress announced its WordPress 4.6 Beta 1 via their official blog, we witnessed a number of features/functionalities to be tagged with this new update. Some of the limelight features were:

  • Shiny Updates v2
  • Native Fonts in the Admin
  • Editor Improvements
  • REST API updates
  • External Libraries updates etc.

With the stable WordPress 4.6 update earmarked to be rolled out on August 16th, the concerned authorities unveiled WordPress 4.6 Beta 2 on 6th July 2016. Akin to its predecessor, WordPress 4.6 Beta 2 was also tagged as ‘under development’ and the authorities recommended it to be used only on a production website. So if you are a WordPress developer who is fighting the urge to test the Beta 2, you have the viable option of setting up a test site. You can utilize the following resources to accomplish this task:

The WordPress 4.6 Beta 2 roll out was characterized with several features, notable ones that distinguished this update from the Beta 1 were:

  • Meta
  • Customize
  • Various bug fixes

Meta: The much applauded fallback authentication associated with the previous registration method is restored. The update also addresses the concern on rudimentary registered metadata retrieval. Additionally, the new updated no longer blocks the non-core object types.

REST API: One of the other notable changes with the new WordPress 4.6 Beta 2 update is the sanitization, validation order optimization. Now, validation is given priority over the sanitation.

Validation: as the name indicates, validation verifies the input and verifies whether its adjacent with the business rules.

Sanitization: sanitization ensures that the input is transformed to be persisted.

The pervious order where sanitization was executed prior to validation could easily return a ‘fail’ because the input data has already been transformed by sanitization. This scenario prompted the order revision.

HTTP API: When the function “WP_Http::request” is used, developers usually check the “is_array” on the response from this function; this breaks the adjacency with the ArrayAccess breaks.  Hence, WP_Http::request () is revisited to return an array.

The authorities claim to have fixed several bugs with the latest WordPress 4.6 Beta 2. However, they are keen to know the results from the test runs performed by the developers across the globe. Therefore, if you run the WordPress 4.6 Beta 2 and encounter bugs of any type, you have the option to report it on Alpha/Beta area.

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