Why should you use PHP over asp.net – an eye-opener?

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Why should you use PHP over asp.net – an eye-opener?

PHP and asp.net, both the languages are quite popular for website development. Most web developers get confused regarding the choice of creating a website. so

As Microsoft backs asp.net, most developers use asp.net. But PHP is also a widely used scripting language and it gives a great scope in web development as compared to asp.net. 

Not many developers are aware that PHP has a bigger market share than asp.net. According to a survey, PHP as a web development language stands at 57% and asp.net stands at 34%. PHP is simple to use for a newcomer but it also features advantages of an advanced scripting language. 

There are many reasons why PHP has an upper edge over asp.net. Listed below are some reasons why you should choose PHP over asp.net:


Performance is always determined based on the interaction of scripting language, server, and database. When you create a new web application using the PHP scripting language, it forms a LAMP. 

The full form of which is Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. So, this ensures a super performance in your web development process. A PHP application that runs on Linux power performs better than asp.net that is hosted on the Windows operating system. 

As PHP is an open-sourced language, it works across all the operating systems and is not limited to Windows as asp.net is. PHP is also efficient in code compilation and execution. 

Support and suitability

It is free and open-source thus it has a large community where the PHP developers keep contributing their inputs on new developments.

PHP can be used for large-scale applications and websites. Facebook is the biggest example of PHP. PHP has a greater reach as compared to asp.net. More than 7500 verified and branded websites use PHP and that’s quite impressive.


PHP framework scores high in scalability and this is a known fact. PHP offers a solid programming framework with added guidelines. The framework helps you to customize depending on the need. 

PHP has the least learning curve which means even a new developer can develop an app in no time. If you compare it with asp.net, the asp needs a high level of expertise and talent in development. 

It is certainly not easy to develop a new app or site with asp.net due to technicalities involved. Finding and hiring a PHP developer is easier and you don’t require a comprehensive development experience as well. 

No limitations 

It is great to work with a framework or language that provides complete flexibility. PHP, unlike asp.net, offers you complete freedom in coding. As it is open-sourced, there are no restrictions on web or app development. 

With PHP, you’ll be able to work with different text editors like bluefish and notebook++. With asp.net it is not possible to alter or modify so easily unless you use a Microsoft visual editor. 

PHP doesn’t need a specific OS like asp.net. You’ll be able to run PHP language on Windows, Mac, and Linux. When there are no limitations in coding and other resources, it saves on time and effort both.

Tools and editing 

Most PHP developers use text editors like notepad++ and VIM. It also supports the IDE feature that also provides full support from the community. If you need to use IDE in asp.net, it requires a Microsoft Visual Studio. This is not free but it supports many features at once. 

The editing part of PHP is simple, as it does not use complicated codes. There are a few simple codes that you need to work upon. On the other hand, asp.net uses the language that is the syntax of C language. At a beginner level, it is tough to understand the language unless you start working on it.


PHP indeed has an upper edge in popularity as compared to asp.net. As per a data survey of 2018, PHP had a popularity of 67% and asp.net 50%. In the top 100K sites, PHP has a share of more than 51%. Its share is more than 53% even in the top 10K site. 

Most new developers prefer PHP to asp.net. The development of a website or app is easy with PHP language. Asp.net is popular no doubt, but over the years, it has seen a marginal decline as compared to the popularity of PHP. 

Speed of PHP 

Talking about the speed, no other programming language can beat the speed of PHP. It does not take up the resources in abundance, so it makes it easier for it to operate faster than another scripting language. 

PHP does not create any issue when it comes to development or hosting. The hosting is easy and many open options host this scripting language. Also, if you need to use PHP with other software, there is no cause of worry. It won’t slow down in performance. As there is no interruption, the speed remains the same. 


Most developers are familiar with C language. And PHP is written in C language. So, the language becomes simple when you use the coding process. There are no complications or issues in working with PHP scripting language. 

PHP normally follows the same pattern in coding. So, it becomes easy for a new website or startup. Asp.net offers many programming options unlike PHP and the process may be complicated. PHP can be streamlined to meet the needs of new websites and old websites.


PHP is more flexible and comfortable for many reasons. It can be used in any context and with any operating system. You don’t need a definite operating system for PHP. 

PHP is also available with most relational database systems. It provides complete flexibility to run with any kind of web server. That makes it the most comfortable framework. There are no issues or added glitches while working on PHP. 

Development cost 

PHP comes free with LAMP and added upgrades. You don’t need to bear any added cost for an additional server to work as a backup for PHP. Asp.net comes as free but it is limited to Windows OS. 

Also, there is a considerable cost of licensing that is essential with asp.net. PHP incurs a low hosting cost as compared to Windows hosting. That’s the reason new developers prefer PHP over asp.net. 

To Conclude, 

PHP has no licensing fee and it is completely open sourced. It is also open to inputs from numerous developers worldwide. PHP is indeed the most widely used programming language for most branded websites and big social sites.

It lets you communicate with many databases and CMS platforms. PHP is a better option over asp.net. If you are confused regarding the two, then you should try PHP for sure.

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