Why React Native Is the Right Choice for Application Development?

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Why React Native Is the Right Choice for Application Development?

Most new developers prefer React Native for app development. And why not, as it is the best cross-platform framework whose popularity has been established over time. 

Most leading brands and websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Netflix rely on React native for development. The many features offered by React native give it an edge over other mobile applications. It offers features like traffic footfall, business conversion, and download volume. 

For instance – Instagram has become the most popular site because it offers a logical user experience compared to other social media sites. React Native framework has a positive impact on many web app projects and mobile app projects. 

Why Use The React Native Framework?

  • React native allows a web application development company to develop apps using modern technology. 
  • It allows the developers to build different cross-platform applications – by using JavaScript components that work on both – Android and iOS. 
  • Plus, it’s simple to build an application using React native. 
  • Web app development services can build apps in the specified time frame. 

Moreover, a developer does not have to learn complex languages such as Java and C for app development. It helps you develop and test features using various libraries and provides good developer community support. 

Reasons to use React Native for Mobile Application Development:

1. Code Changes With Hot Reloading

  • With React Native, developers can make quick changes without waiting for the application to reload. 
  • Developers can work on the code, make all the changes, and do code fixing in real time while the app is still running in the background. 
  • As soon as there are changes in the code, they are reflected in real-time.
  •  Simple code pushes in different areas, and there is no waiting time to load.
  •  Moreover, it allows better iterations throughout the project or the application. 

2. Modern Architecture

  • React native works on modular programming architecture, which helps the developers integrate the codes and segregate different blocks for the feature development needs of the apps. 
  • The code blocks are referred to as modules to ensure that the process is efficient and flexible. 
  • The feature opens up creative possibilities for the developer. 
  • Most developers can choose each other’s projects and pick different modules for reusing the applications. 
  • Moreover, the feature allows simple updating of applications. 
  • The use of modern architecture is an essential part of React Native. 

3. Code Reusability

  • React native eliminates the need to code separately, which saves time. 
  • You don’t need to code separately for iOS or Android. 
  • Reusability of the application results in faster development. 
  • You save on development costs, as it requires lesser spending on hourly rates for remote developers. 
  • Plus, it ensures speedier growth as it lowers spending on app projects. 
  • React native offers different open-source libraries for UI building and access to ready-to-use components created by other developers. 
  • When the development time is lowered, it will make a difference in the time taken to complete the project. 

4. Native Look

  • React native comes with native components – applicable to both iOS and Android. 
  • It helps the developers to create quick user interfaces while ensuring complete agility in the application performance. 
  • One main benefit of React is; it can easily integrate with the OS code. 
  • Plus, developers can create extensions for existing native applications using the framework. 
  • Moreover, the feel and look of the apps are supreme with the use of the framework. 

5. Third-party Support Plugins

  • React native may not offer out-of-the-box solutions for development needs, but there is an option for third-party plugin support, which is great.
  •  With the feature, developers can access an array of features of different JavaScript modules and natives for app development needs. 
  • A new developer can easily use third-party plugins to integrate with new and unique features that help to enhance the app’s function.

6. Lesser Memory

  • React native uses lesser memory, which makes up for the space required for the development process. 
  • With the Android version, you can create single files making a huge difference. 

 7. Lower Learning Curve

  • React comes with a manageable and adaptable learning curve. 
  • As its a JavaScript framework, it is popular among the web development community. 
  • Most developers are already aware of JavaScript languages. 
  • Most developers begin their careers with HTML and JavaScript. 
  • Besides, React is a modular framework and component-based, so it offers complete flexibility to developers. 
  • It comes with huge community support that spreads across the globe. 
  • You can learn simple modules and coding is less. 

8. Growing Technology

  • React native has become the most popular framework for mobile app development. 
  • Plus, the constant value additions and updates have made it the number-one choice for developers worldwide. 
  • Also, the huge community of developers has made React native a growing technology. 
  • The online support provides complete efficiency during a project. 
  • It is loved by app developers who aren’t afraid to try out new and proactive modules and approaches. 
  • Besides, it comes with added components for other developers to use. 
  • Due to growing popularity, Microsoft has launched React native for Windows. It can be easily used for developing apps on Microsoft OS. 


React native framework has completely transformed the development ways. With the best plugins, updates, and features, it makes the development task easier for developers. Besides, with its continuous innovations – it will remain the number-one choice for years to come. 

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