Why Laravel Application Development Is Not a Piece of Cake for Everyone?

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Why Laravel Application Development Is Not a Piece of Cake for Everyone?

Developing web projects is often a complex task, and new developers get stuck with the choice available for web apps. Some may work on a recommendation, while others follow the documentation process. 

But, there is no clarity regarding the choice of applications. The choice boils down to the need for a project or features you want in your web app. 

Again for dynamic and bigger apps, there are similar frameworks. Laravel Application Development is the number one choice for app development, but it is not a simple framework for sure. 

There are many complexities involved in Laravel app development, but Web App Development Services can help you know more about the framework.

Is Laravel too Complicated?

  • Laravel has a well-defined toolbox that comes with too many functions. 
  • It offers an innovative template engine and effective ORM solutions for development. 
  • The MVC architectural support provides lesser coding time, but it may take time to learn. 
  • Laravel comes with object-oriented libraries that are pre-installed; it can take time for new developers to understand the libraries and different structures. 
  • As it is dominated by a back-end framework, it won’t provide complete support to developers who need it for front-end development.
  •  Moreover, many other aspects make Laravel a complex framework to deal with. 

1. The Installation Process is Hard

  • Laravel is a comprehensive framework, and that’s why installing it becomes harder. 
  • Most developers can’t install it at the first shot. 
  • They have to reinstall it again till they get it right. 
  • The installation process also requires added knowledge about how the process works. 
  • Most expert developers can install it using their technical expertise. 
  • As it comes with added plugins, you will need to check if it is installed correctly. 
  • Laravel has a lot of features if you compare it with other working frameworks that are lightweight and easy to handle. 
  • You do need the patience to install the framework. 

2. You Can’t Download the Working Package

  • Another disadvantage of Laravel is; you won’t be able to download its working package. 
  • Most new developers struggle to download the working package of the Laravel framework as it comes with a set of issues. 
  • You will first have to download the composer and then use finalize option to download it. 
  • This often consumes time when developers need to work on a new project. 
  • It is best to download it in its form and then start working on a particular web app project. 
  • Besides, Laravel can overwrite the changes if you run the updates. 
  • You will have to keep a note of these changes. 

3. It Has No Real Autoloading 

  • Laravel can be simple for the coding process, and most developers don’t have to work on the changes made. 
  • But, this is not true for the auto-loading feature. 
  • It has no real auto-loading function, which means every time you change something in the process; you will have to run the composer auto-load feature. 
  • Well, this may be a time-consuming task for some, and if you need to deliver the project on a deadline, it can waste your time as a developer.
  •  Possibly, most of the features don’t run in the systems, so the change is a factor that can hamper the development process. 

4. The Directory is Big

  • Laravel comes with a big directory, unlike other smaller ones. 
  • After the composers install function, Laravel adds 4000 files, which is again too much. 
  • However, some developer work on the minimum parameter approach. They find ways to download with fewer files. 
  • Additionally, documentation is not truly strong with the framework, and new developers have to struggle with the files. 
  • Most documentation of Laravel is full of functions, but they don’t explain the real thing. 
  • For instance, there are no code examples in the documentation process. 

5. It is the Bulkiest Framework

  • Laravel is the bulkiest or heaviest framework you can think of. 
  • It was intended to make PHP development processes easier for developers and programmers. 
  • Additionally, it covers the features used in different series that range from testing, seeding, deployment, and debugging. 
  • In short, it took all the useful features from different PHP frameworks and combined them into a single platform. 
  • Laravel allows for command-line operations and virtual server hosting, which adds to the framework’s weight. 
  • If you compare it with CodeIgniter, it is the lighter version, as it does not come with many features. 


As Laravel is designed to develop complex web applications and heavy apps, you can’t expect it to be a lighter version. Also, for a new developer, it is a challenging task to install and understand the concepts in a limited time frame. Because of its auto-loading feature, it does not load in a single time frame. If you understand Laravel, developing an app is easier. However, if you are new to Laravel, it is not a piece of cake for you. 

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