Why Is Rapid Application Development Trending?

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Why Is Rapid Application Development Trending?

In this digital era, application development companies are drifting increasingly towards approaches that can be developed and deployed at a fast pace.

In addition to providing ample speed and agility, rapid application development accelerates native application development on any device. Since the deployment is speedy and cost-effective, RAD makes your application development process streamlined and has moved the waterfall model off its place.

What Is RAD?

The RAD model is becoming a common buzzword in application development. Rapid Application Development can be well-defined as a suite of pre-defined software development methodology tools and techniques that are used to reduce development time and speed up delivery.

Why Is RAD Trending?

With its ability to accelerate application development and reduce turnaround times significantly, RAD is the need of the hour for most enterprises.

Rapid Application Development comes with a multitude of benefits that are defined by its characteristics which make it trending in application development. Let us walk through the key characteristic features of Rapid Application Development:

  • Rapid Application Development Involves Users Early In The Design Phase

Once the requirements phase is complete, RAD involves users in the design phase. This enables users to interact with analysts so that prototypes can be created after properly understanding the user’s desired outcomes.

  • RAD can be used by companies of all sizes

Rapid Application Development can work for enterprises and organizations of all sizes. For instance, consider a startup that is into mobile application development. With RAD, developers can develop prototypes at a fast pace. Startups that have a limited window can rely on RAD as reduced development time is a great boon in such scenarios as they can bring their application to the market sooner to generate revenue.

  • RAD gathers sufficient user feedback

With RAD, the development team gathers sufficient feedback from the user regarding feedback and desired outcomes which can be used to determine any major changes to the requirements, as early as in the design phase.

Several rapid application development tools provide developers the ability to create applications quickly and effectively without having to invest in development capital.

RAD Tools Examples

There are several RAD Tools that stand out from the crowd. Some of them are Zoho Creator, OutSystems, and Kissflow. Zoho Creator, for instance, is used for collecting data, design workflows, and set up specific rules for applications and has become one of the most popular RAD tools in the market as even inexperienced users can utilize its pre-built modules.

RAD: Host Of Benefits In Application Development And Deployment

  • Faster Time To Market

Enterprises always look forward to speeding up the application development process to ensure the applications are production-ready. This helps businesses to leverage the functionality of the application earlier at the initial stages.

  • Reduction In Risks

In RAD, working prototypes are quickly created and shared. RAD helps in avoiding rework as the functionality is reviewed earlier in the lifecycle of the application. This helps in preventing any derailing of the project and hence reduce the chances of risks.

  • Improved Quality

RAD involves implementing functionality testing and prototype incorporation throughout the application lifecycle. This ensures proper requirement validation and refining based on the user’s feedback which enhances the quality of the application as well.


In addition to being able to complete software applications quickly, RAD tools include features and benefits that span the entire application lifecycle. Rapid application development gives productivity advantages over traditional approaches like the waterfall model. Rapid prototyping enhances flexibility by allowing IT teams to collaborate effectively in innovating business practices and streamlining costs.

To learn more about how to facilitate Rapid Application Development in your business, drop us a call right away and talk to our experts to get step-by-step guidance on implementing RAD for positive business outcomes!

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