I am still a fan of Node js frameworks, I will tell you why?

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I am still a fan of  Node js frameworks, I will tell you why?

Initially, it took some time for the developers to interpret the definitions of Node.js. 

Node.js is neither a programming language nor a framework.

Rather, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It is a wonderful technology in itself, that is mainly used for backend operations as well as for front-end JavaScript frameworks in combinations with Angular, React, Vue, etc.

Why Node.js Has Gained Worldwide Popularity?

Node.js is the technology that comes with an exceptional set of features that provides remarkable advantages to its users over other technology stacks.

The performance of Node.js has evolved and improvised in the last four years since its introduction in the year 2009. 

With great offerings such as scalability, parallel code execution, server-side development, single-threaded event loop model, etc, Node.js began to pick up a huge fan base to date.

For example, Stack Overflow Survey Report 2020, shows the highest popularity of Node.js with maximum users up to 51.4%, which is over half of the respondents.

Based on the Node.js metrics, the technology so far has been downloaded 1 billion-plus times across the globe. 

Besides, the below analysis makes it quite obvious and reasonable why Node.js is still in vogue among developers. Let’s take a quick look at them. 

  • Very Easy to Learn

Developers procure JavaScript skills in common. Learning Node.js is easy and quick as Node.js uses JavaScript.

A few weeks of learning are enough to keep you going.

However, learning Node.js without knowledge of JavaScript may take double the amount of time in the beginning.

  • Provides Scalability

The main reason behind the great popularity of Node.js is that it can develop scalable network applications.

It can handle synchronous requests without giving unnecessary strain to the server and also saving a lot of RAM. Callbacks are fired only after a request.

Unless there are jobs to be done, Node.js would remain inactive and comes online when needed.

  • Cross-platform App development

Node.js stands eligible to develop flexible cross-platform applications be it Windows, Linux, or macOS.

With the emerging trend of developing cross-platform apps, Node.js has become mobile-friendly and developer-friendly technology.

Now, apps can be made to run on any operating system and developers can write apps that can be run on different platforms with minimal modifications.

  • Speedy and Lightweight

Being a JavaScript runtime, Node.js is powered by V8, which is developed by Google for use in Chrome.

V8 is endowed to compile and execute JavaScript with a lightning-fast speed. Due to this technical feature, reading and writing to the file system, to the database, and the network connections become quick in Node.

And so, developers can build fast and scalable network applications. These applications, in turn, become highly capable to handle bulky connections on a parallel basis.

Also, Node.js utilizes event-driven architecture for executions. Whether they are single operations or bulk calls, it becomes a series of asynchronous callbacks.

Consequently, Node.js is enabled to run on a single thread, unlike other web technologies. This helps it to become light-weight and performance-oriented.

  • Availability of Cloud-based hosting providers

Recently, several cloud-based hosting providers and web-servers have shared simple ways of hosting Node.js

Hosting providers such as Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, and Heroku have provided detailed and simple guidelines to run Node.js.

  • Customized Libraries

Node.js gives plenty of room to customize or add whatever is needed in time rather than providing everything and anything you need. 

As a result, unnecessary libraries are avoided.

Node package manager in Node.js facilitates browsing and install over a million open source packages. Besides, Node.js also helps in the identification and installation of project dependencies.

  • Efficient Caching Ability

Node.js is highly capable to render caching single modules.

As caching means to store the data for future requests, Node.js helps to fetch modules from the cache instead of keeping them on main servers. 

This makes the apps run and load faster and highly responsive.

  • Quick Code Execution

The code execution speed of Node.js is commendable.

This is mainly possible due to three reasons.

  1. Node.js is asynchronous and single-threaded. So it helps to send emails, query the database, or read files simultaneously.
  2. A single Node.js process runs parallel listening to all connections
  3. V8 provides tremendous support to Node.js for JavaScript executions

  • Can Build Range of Apps

Bestowed with features such as Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and Npm package manager, Node.js is enriched with the capability to build a range of applications such as IoT.

IoT systems are smartly developed with the help of Node streams, event-driven architecture, asynchronous programming model, and real-time chats.

  • Open Source Community

Being an open-source technology, Node.js has a collaborative community of creative and engaging developers from across the world.

It is not confined to a rigid monetary prone community. The developers join and share knowledge with an inherent motivation to seamlessly build the product that they can be proud of.

Kind of Apps That Nodejs Can Develop

  1. Single-page Applications (SPA) For e.g. Portfolio
  2. Social Media Applications. For eg. LinkedIn
  3. Real-time Apps such as chat apps.
  4. Streaming Applications like Netflix
  5. Ecommerce Apps like Walmart
  6. Blogs
  7. Online Payment systems like PayPal
  8. APIs
  9. Mobile Applications

Final Thoughts

For several problems, Node.js has become a one-stop solution provider. This is because it offers great security, high performance, and scalability.

Large tech companies use Node.js for developing their key projects as it offers several advantages over other technologies.

At Cubet, we design, develop, and deploy feature-rich and responsive applications with Node.js technology. And as you know much about Node.js, let us get connected to try it in your next project.

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