Why Do Most Businesses Recommend Xamarin?

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Why Do Most Businesses Recommend Xamarin?

Since the time Microsoft announced the purchase of Xamarin, the entire app development turned its heads towards the term and the features it offers. The fact is; that Xamarin has become the buzzword in app development, and even non-technical people are aware of its popularity. Plus, being another platform like a hybrid, it has taken cross-platform app development to the next level. 

For instance, if you are looking for a custom app for your business and have an Android app with amazing features, Xamarin is the best answer to this, as it helps develop applications across different platforms, including iOS app development. 

The popularity of the Xamarin app for business: 

There has been an incredible growth in Xamarin app development to create custom business applications. Plus, it has emerged as one of the important frameworks – with more than 2.6 billion mobile applications by 2019. Also, being among the best platforms, it is used by reputed companies that include – Honeywell, Kimberly Clark, and 3M. 

Xamarin app for business offers industry-leading digital assets and futuristic mobile mobility. As per the recent trends, Xamarin products were used by 1.2 million developers in over 120 different countries. That’s the reason Xamarin is called the next best thing in the development world. 

What is Xamarin?

It is a platform-independent open-source tool for developing UI (user interfaces), Windows, Native, Android, and iOS applications using .Net and C# languages. Xamarin is built over the Microsoft tool stack and has around 1.2 million developers. It is user-friendly and lets software development companies reply to every customer’s requirement without putting in much effort.

Let us look at some of the points that recommend using Xamarin by developers

Object-Oriented Language

Xamarin uses C#, an object-oriented language with easy syntax and the upgraded latest version of C++ for mobile programming applications. This 

language works on different platforms, offers high performance, and allows programmers to use pointers

Access to Platform-SDKs

It offers access to platform SDK (software development kit), AndroidSDKs, and Cocoa Touch for the operating system. The combination provides support for different features of applications the moment it is introduced in the device’s OS. 

Works on Smart Devices 

It provides support and foundation for the development of mobile applications and also works on smart devices like wearable tech. It becomes easy for developers to use Visual Studio and create applications for Windows, Mac, and smartwatches. It integrates with various platforms, including Android and iOS.

Fast Development Cycle

Xamarin comprises 90% reusable code, which is the best part about it. The reusability of the code is utilized for building applications on different platforms. The coding is done using C# and .NET libraries. 

Due to reusable code, it becomes easier for them to develop apps that accelerate the pace of the development cycle. It shares a similar code on different platforms and reduces the development time. 

Has No Hardware Incompatibility 

 Xamarin does not let hardware compatibility issues occur. It has a wide range of plug-ins and APIs that supports inter-platform application development. It helps the developers to harness interaction at the native level with the hardware of devices. In addition to this, it brings freedom while establishing the connection to native libraries creating great 

Shared Application Code

Another striking feature of Xamarin is its shared application code. The developers can share the codes through different platforms, making the task of developers to create an application easily. The essential UI components like back-end API interactions and web service calls are programmed using C#. 

Cost-Effective Maintenance with Perfect User Interface

Developers using Xamarin do not need to generate code and process it through scratch for debugging. No need for updating and maintaining logic, which further reduces the cost. 

Moreover, Xamarin has unique environments for designing Visual studios and also offers UX design tools. That is why it can provide flawless UI (User Interface) and the best user experience.

How much does it cost to make a Xamarin app? 

Now that you are aware of how beneficial the Xamarin features and functions are, you can consider the app for your business needs. Also, with time the popularity of the framework will increase. Not only it has proven to be a cost-effective solution for business but it also offers a native user experience that works for business. 

Being the most popular bet across platforms, it offers the complete flexibility required for native app development. Simply put, when you hire a Xamarin web developer, you will have an edge over various programming languages that will help build high-quality applications. 


A well-designed application for mobiles, smart devices, or other sources proves beneficial for business and customer engagement. Xamarin is a platform-independent tool that is robust and operational across various systems. 

Before deciding on which technology or platform you would like to choose, ensure that you know different project aims and requirements. Using multiple platforms is an excellent approach to offer consumer satisfaction for other devices. Also, ensure that you choose the best web development company to meet your goal.

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