Wearable Technology: An Honest Friend to Mankind!

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Wearable Technology: An Honest Friend to Mankind!

Wearable Technology An Honest Friend to Mankind

Wearable technology refers to electronic technology that are incorporated in a wearable device which can be comfortably worn on the body. These devices are tiny sophisticated computers having some form of communication capability that allows the users access to information in real time. The wearable technology apps are far-reaching and it has already brought in tremendous changes in the fields of healthcare, fitness, education, transportation, enterprise, finance, aging, disabilities gaming, music etc.

Let’s see how the wearable technology is becoming an integral part of our life and how it’s going to revolutionize the world!  

Human bodies are constantly radiating a lot of data in different forms, but for the most part we ignore those data that our body is trying to communicate until something goes terribly wrong with us. A morning we wake up with an achy back, our body is reminding us that we are not taking care of it properly, it is then probably we think about getting some good rest, drinking enough water, looks for a balanced diet or when the doctor tells us your lab result has come and your cholesterol, blood pressure levels are well over the normal count. It is when we hear all these bad news we start paying attention to the food we take or the lack of exercise we get, so it’s clear that we ignore a lot of data that our body is radiating. What if we have a mechanism that collects the data that our body radiates and communicate with us in a way we understand what is happening within us?

With the revolution of wearable technology, we have intelligent smart dials, gauges and trackers that are collecting all the data that our body radiates and allowing us to analyse it in real-time, giving us a splendid opportunity to make changes in our life at the most basic human levels. We consider technology as something that takes away humanness from humans, making us more mechanical but wearable tech helps us in bringing values to our lives making us lead a safe, efficient and productive lifestyle.

What might be possible if we could learn from the data that your body is radiating?  How to make the most of our body and mind? What can we do with that power?  Well, in today’s world, knowledge is the biggest power and wearable technology enables self-knowledge through self-tracking. We no longer have to use medical equipments and computers to collect the data and analyze as we are wearing the sensor that can collect and analyses the data in real time and display the data on our smartphones.

The data that our body radiate is loud, continuous, honest and individual but typically doctors are the only ones who can understand these data and communicate it to us. Earlier, we had to rely on doctors to tell us whether our heart is beating normally or a mole on our skin that’s been worrying us is potentially cancerous. But now, with this wearable sensors, you can simply connect it to your smartphone, take your own heart checkup and instantaneously get an image of your heart health without ever having to go to a doctor. There are apps that are now available that allows you to take a picture of that mole that’s been bothering you and it will algorithmically tell you whether you are at the risk of a cancer and it will track the condition over time and let you know whether you should go to a doctor to discuss it. This is how wearable technology is making a change in our life, now it is like our body is  communicating with us,d we have the speakers in our hand to listen to it ourselves.    

Now let’s look at how wearable technology can make us change over time. There are now apps available that can identify events in our lives that can change our mood and by analyzing over time our good days, bad days, the days when we are sad, happy, when we are most productive etc., we can identify the events and manipulate our environment to make us more happy and more productive. Changing our moods is one of the basic aspect of being human and it’s the data from our body that is the most honest.

We all feel that we have a pretty good control on our stress levels, but we have applications that we can wear that tracks our behaviour patterns and it will identify when you are calm and focused, when you gets a little tensed or when you are going completely down, the app can send you an alert asking you to stop the current activity or to suggest tips to keep calm thereby honestly telling you know the mind condition and keeping your most productive.

We also feel that we have a pretty good idea of when we get enough sleep. We might be in bed for hours and hours but that doesn’t mean that we are getting a good sleep, but when your wearable sensor tell you that you only reached your deep sleep just 10 minutes, and that you woke up 12 times during night, then we come to know the real pattern of our sleep cycle. A wearable tech  application can suggest you to make some improvements in your life to get deeper sleep.  

Now again let me state few examples of how wearable technology can help us find a better version for others and to be effective in our responsibilities. There are now activity monitors for newborn babies that will tell us when their diaper is wet, if their heart is beating normal throughout the night and even some early indications of autism, so with this technology we become better parents.

There’s a shoe that Alzheimer patients can wear that tracks the number of steps they take  and when they reach outside the perimeter of the home, an alert is sent to the caretaker, letting them know that the patient is a bit too far away, so with this technology we become better caretakers.

The wearable technology revolution does not mean that you will have to wear 30 sensors when you go out or when we stay home for a lifetime, but think about technology as a training tool that trains and shapes your lifestyle, allowing us to improve our life in many ways. A study shows that nearly 35 % of the consumers are abandoning their wearable sensors within a year of using them and it’s not due to them losing interest. But because of the behavioral modifications that occurs in them, they can then remove those sensors, and they maintain that enriched life that the technology enabled them to have.

The Internet of things will have far-reaching effects on the everyday lives in the years to come, with a growing dependency on wearables, that will help us with all our functions. Wearable technology continues to advance and will produce countless opportunities for humankind, as we move forward into the future. Gadget manufactures, fitness companies have identified the infinite opportunities that the wearable technology can offer and are already coming up with wearable tech devices that becomes a very integral part of our life.  New innovations, new technology and emerging solutions enabled by wearables will change nearly every aspect of our lives and may all these aspects convert into goodness for humankind.

Wrapping Up
To sum-up, considering the present scenario, it is hard to think of a life without wearable tech. We lack professional wearable tech application developers against the changing demand of the wearable apps. This is where Cubet stands out, we  have a team of wearable tech app developers who are constantly honing their skills pertinent to wearable technology.

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