Useful Firefox Add-ons for Software Testing

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What are Add-ons?

Add-ons are programs that are integrated into your browser application, to provide additional functionality. It is also known as Extensions or Plugins. These Add-ons are very helpful to the Software testers in their testing activities.

Let us categorize it as follows:


v  Screenshot/ capture screen add-ons

1.Picozu Shooter

Picozu Shooter allows us to take a screenshot of a given browser page, or a specific region of it and save it to a file, clipboard or Picozu Image Editor.



It captures entire page, edits and saves your webpage. The screenshot can be Uploaded, Saved as PDF/PNG/GIF/JPEG/BMP and can be Sent to clipboard, Printed, E-Mailed and Exported.



Its an Easy and convenient screenshot tool. Allows you to make screenshots of any selected area (video and flash too), edit and upload it to server.

4. Awesome Screenshot

Capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, blur sensitive info, one-click upload to share.


v  Performance analysis add-ons

 1. Page Speed

Page Speed is designed to analyze website performance and offer suggestions on how to improve page load times. It adds an extra tab to Firebug that allows to analyze current page speed.



It analyzes the web pages and suggests the ways to improve their performance based of the web page with the set of rules.

3.Extended Statusbar

  A Status bar with average download speed, percentage, load time and loaded image size etc

4. lori (Life-of-request info)

It is used to monitor the request time (from click until the first byte is retrieved) and the amount of time required for that page to render in Firefox. The results are displayed on the right-hand side of the status bar at the bottom of the browser window.

v  Validation Add ons

1.       Validaty

This Add ons Provides a button to validate a page using a validator like w3c or another user defined validators ,it is a one click validator .

2.       LinkChecker

Check the validity of links on the webpage. It will search for the broken links in the site.

3.Html Validator

This plugin displays the number of found errors of the site when viewing. It adds HTML validation inside Firefox .The number of errors of a HTML page is seen as an icon in the status bar when browsing.

v  Debugg Add ons


Firebug is a free and open-source web browser extension that used for live debugging, editing, and monitoring of any website’s CSS, HTML contents.

 2.Power Debugger (Selenium IDE)

Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment for Selenium tests. It is implemented as a Firefox extension, and allows you to record, edit, and debug tests.

v  Security Testing add ons


1.Access Me

Access Me add on is used to Access vulnerabilities in an application .It can allow an attacker to access resources without being authenticated. This tool works by sending several versions of page requests.


2.XSS Me

XSS-Me is the Exploit-Me tool used to test for reflected XSS vulnerabilities. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is one of the common flaw found in today web applications. This can cause serious damage to our web application. It scans all forms of the webpage, and then performs an attack on the selected pages with pre-defined XSS payloads. After the scan is completed, it lists all the pages that renders a payload on the page, and may be vulnerable to XSS attack. And then we can manually test the web page to find whether the vulnerability exists or not


3. SQL Inject Me

SQL Inject Me is the Exploit-Me Firefox Extension tool which is used to test for SQL Injection vulnerabilities. SQL Injection vulnerabilities can cause a lot of damages to a web application. Any malicious user can possibly view records, delete records, drop tables or gain access to your server.


4. URL Flipper

URL Flipper helps you to easily increment or decrement a portion of a URL without having to manually edit the text in the Location Bar. This add ons is very useful for navigating through image galleries, forum threads, etc.


5.Cookie Watcher

This add ons is very simple extension tool which helps in testing web applications.This addons can quickly wipe ‘session’ cookie.


v  Miscellaneous Add ons


ColorZilla is a very interesting CSS gradient generator adds ons similar to Photoshop.With this   ColorZilla addons, we can get any color reading from any point in our browser and we can also quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program.

2. MeasureIt

Measurelt add on is one of the efficient tool for UI testers which helps us to draw a ruler across any webpage inorder to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels.

3.Dummy Lipsum

Dummy lipsum add on is one of the  Great time saver tool which helps to generates “Lorem Ipsum” filler text; This option fills automatically the selected field with dummy content of  Lorem Ipsum text ,which you can then copy to your clipboard and post into your test pages to observe layout placement.

4. Autofill Forms

Autofill Forms enables us to fill out web forms automatically with just one click.

5.  Spell Checker

This Add ons Checks the whole web page (and not the text inside edit box) for spelling  mistakes and highlights it. It uses Firefox’s inbuilt dictionary to check the spellings.


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