Top 10 Backend as a Service (BaaS) Platforms / Leading Firebase competitors

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Top 10 Backend as a Service (BaaS) Platforms / Leading Firebase competitors

BAAS provides prewritten backend software on the cloud that can be used for multiple applications on the backend such as user authentication, database management, etc.

The service removes the repetitive tasks and lets you focus on what delivers value to your application or software. It provides functions like – data management, cloud storage, API management, login authentication, and social media integration. Using BaaS, you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure involved in implementing and authenticating rules. With outsourcing, your task will become much more manageable.

10 Backend as a Service(BaaS) Platforms:

1. Back4App 

It’s the most popular scalable and flexible backend that creates apps faster without reinventing the wheel. It offers features like – database transfer and clone app, data management dashboard, push notifications,  multifunctional dashboard, two-factor authentication, file storage adapters, social login, email verification, automatic backups, and complete user authentication. 

2. Firebase 

It’s the next-generation development platform. It requires a minimal setup process, and there is no need for server code infrastructure for both mobile and web applications. Its stores user’s data on a real-time database, which helps in synchronization. It offers features like – time data remote configuration, analytics, and insights, smooth dashboard layout, hosting solutions, and robust API. 

3. Parse 

Parse is a complete app stack, which helps to make apps faster. It works with an express web application framework for faster response time. It’s the most used open-source backend application platform. It offers features like – user authentication, file storage adapters, separate dashboards to manage data, email verification, real-time database, push notifications, API, social login integration, and SDK’S. 

4. Kinvey 

With Kinvey, it’s easy for businesses to conduct, create and manipulate backend services for various applications. It offers features like – user authentication, push notification, complete data storage, modeling, cloud caching feature, data security, app encryption, and microservices management. It offers deployment of cloud and dedicated services. It also allows on-premise self-hosting. 

5. Hoodie 

The first offline JavaScript backend offers offline synchronization with no coding. It’s completely free, and it does not provide hosting. It provides features like – configuration and removal of a database backend, CouchDB to store application-based data, data synchronization to the service when the connection is re-established. The only drawback is; it does not support cloud services. 

6. CloudBoost 

CloudBoost is a real-time JavaScript backend that provides complete offline synchronization with a real-time database. It lets you build both mobile and web applications. It offers features like – leveraging the strength of different databases with a single API, multifunctional database management that helps create a single application, user authentication storage management, and cloud support. 

7. Backendless

Backendless provides a complete MBaaS toolset that makes any task simple to set up and manage. It is a cloud-based company that helps businesses to create apps without server programming. It offers features like – real-time database management, geolocation, push notifications, user management, and email marketing. It also provides cloud services and other support services. 

8. AWS Amplify 

It’s an Amazon-based cloud computing BaaS platform. It provides the right set of tools and services to build and deploy different web applications. It lets you use case centric library that helps to add features. It offers features like – push notifications, storage management, augmented reality, analytics, API, and virtual reality. 

9. Kumulos 

It permits you to make a connection between cloud backend service and client-side mobile applications. It is not only agile but also effortless to use with a highly stackable MBaaS function. It offers features like – in-app messaging, push notifications, app store optimization, agency console, and crash reporting. It supports cloud services iOS, PHP, and android. 

10. Kuzzle 

Kuzzle is an open-source backend provider, which offers BaaS hosting and self-hosting. It is perfect for IoT and mobile applications that come with advanced features like geo-fencing and real-time Pub. It provides features like – real-time chat, notifications, geo-tracking, digital banking, and authentication. It supports offline management and real-time data synchronization. 

To conclude, 

BaaS is a fast-growing service in the market that helps in the complete scalability of applications. It saves your resources, money and deploys high-quality applications with integrated functions. 

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