Riak: A Dynamo Database System by Basho Technologies

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Dynamo-inspired database: Riak. Riak is a distributed, highly scalable, open source database. It is developed by Basho Technologies based on the NoSQL and Dynamo database system. By giving developers the ability to quickly prototype, test, and deploy their applications it simplifies development. Riak is written in Erlang. You can find a solution in riak to solve your data availability issue, when you face a problem like your data doesn’t fit on any single server and demands for a fault-tolerant distributed database. In a high distributed deployment, riak offers the benefits like replication, enormous availability and monitoring. With possible downsides and a few trade-offs, riak faces the data availability problem.

What makes Riak Different?

The main reason of people changing from a relational database to riak is that it is master less, fault-tolerant and the read/write available design which makes it a better fit for data that must be highly available and resilient to failure scenarios. The use of consistent hashing and its operational profile shows that data is automatically redistributed as when you add machines. That means you can avoid hot spots in the database and manual re-share efforts.

Main features:

  • It is distributed Riak is designed to operate in highly distributed environments, such as the cloud.
  • Master-less Riak has no single point of failure.
  • Fault-tolerant Because of Riak’s distributed design, you can lose access to Riak nodes but never lose data.
  • Highly available This makes Riak ideal for read and write-intensive web applications
  • Simply Scalable Riak’s scaling is simple and intelligent. Add nodes to clusters with just a few commands and no downtime.
  • Incredibly stable Many see Riak as the “building blocks” of a cloud data infrastructure.
  • Economical Its open source technology cuts down the cost of implementation, maintenance and upgrades.

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