Reducing Downtime By Leveraging AI

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  • 5 years ago
Reducing Downtime By Leveraging AI

The world is highly competitive and is high paced. There is increased tension to reduce operational costs, rework and time wastage. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the right technology for these requirements. Every industry uses AI to analyze the data from sensors, historical data for understanding the industry output and input patterns thereby improving the productivity. System failure or machine failure is unavoidable in any industry. AI techniques which involve pattern recognition helps in understanding the breakdown point of any system. High-performance computing using AI techniques will guide the industries to understand the potential problems to overcome. AI helps to maintain voluminous data thereby predicting failures and preventing downtimes.

Predictive Maintenance

AI helps in using predictive techniques to data from the machines and their historical data to understand the potential breakdown point. Also, the techniques will predict the reason for the chance of the occurrence of the failure. Instead of unplanned downtime due to malfunctioning machines, the industry with the help of AI can predict and perform maintenance offline thereby saving time and money. Predictive maintenance is the best choice over planned maintenance in traditional methods. Overexploitation of the systems will create a bad shakeup.

Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition is done using regressive models. Proper datasets of log entries, readings will help in understanding the potential problems. Clear and accurate techniques using AI can help in collating the proper samples for study. AI experts with the help of use case studies will jot down the problems and work on the mitigation plans. The pattern recognition helps in providing a quality output to the customer. Defective products which will affect the customers are avoided and hence maintaining the reputation of the firm. Overall strength and weakness of a machine can be learned by the AI experts based on the pattern study.

Better Choice of Machines

AI techniques will help understand the working and productivity of the machine based on the historical data available. This, in turn, will help the industry understand the time to replace the existing machines with highly advanced and top notch machines. The better choice made helps in managing the safety of the workforce and reducing financial debacles. Any industry depends on the day to day working of the machines. Industries involving throughout weekly can plan for scheduled downtime and thereby checking on the working condition of the machines through AI predictive data techniques.

Extending machine life

AI techniques help the machine to work properly for more time than natural. Traditional downtimes will let the machine sloppy. Downtimes which are unavoidable earlier are leveraged in larger scales by the super defined AI techniques. Time vs Speed datasets are the best data given to the AI tools in this aspect. Time vs Speed concept of any machine decides the productivity of the machine.

To conclude, manufacturers involve more AI and pattern recognition tools to reduce the catastrophic events in their day to day work. Downtimes reduced is directly related to cost cutting and enhancing maintenance of the machines. Downtimes are about to become a word out of the dictionary of industries in the near future. Thanks to AI adopted techniques and AI experts who work to make the industrial workplace swift and robust. Downtimes are the major showstoppers now in any industry affecting labor costs and operational costs of. AI will leverage these problems effectively.

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