Reasons Why React is the Best Technology to Develop Kickass Web and Mobile Apps

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Reasons Why React is the Best Technology to Develop Kickass Web and Mobile Apps

When it comes to web and mobile app development, React is the ultimate choice for most of the developers and business. At Cubet, our preference has always been the JavaScript library React to create wonders with User Interfaces. As popular and efficient as it sounds, React has a star rating of 88,588 with 1,167 contributors from its release year 2013 until now.

Why is it so loved among the techies in the app development arena?

Reasons why React is the best mobile & web app technology

Easy Learning Curve & Code Reusability

React is easy to learn. For JavaScript developers, they can easily learn and code using it in less than a day’s time. The development team at Cubet are particularly skilled JavaScript techies and hence, learning React and converting them into interactive apps were no big deal!

The smaller API’s and less custom syntaxes provide a fairly easy learning curve. Some of the components used in other apps can be reused with React and speed up the development process.

Virtual DOM

Most of the JavaScript frameworks have an issue in common; DOM Manipulation. It is this part of the process that consumes time and effort. Here, Virtual DOM is the most kickass feature and benefit one can enjoy from React. The manipulations or in simple words the ‘updates’ happen in the corresponding virtual DOM parts, which is then replicated into the real DOM.


Of course, if you can get your hands washed off from the tedious data manipulation process, your app is bound to perform much faster compared to others! We often suggest React for our customer’s app demands because of its performance features and associated benefits. The Virtual DOM is lightning fast and smart enough to get your job done smoothly.

Purely opensource

React is completely opensource or free to use along with a set of some exceptional developer tools. As a JavaScript library, it gives complete freedom to the developer’s dream for the perfect app. The React Developer Tools and Chrome Extension are made for this purpose.

Looking for the right partner to kickstart your app idea? If the above reasons haven’t convinced you yet, speak to us  today and let’s clear the fog around it!

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