React vs Angular Comparison: Which is Best?

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React vs Angular Comparison: Which is Best?

Both React and Angular have been in the game widely. Both these frameworks have proven their ability to deliver Single Page Applications (SPA) for over a period. Now, to those of you wondering what an SPA is, this is what it does. In the traditional system, when a request is made on a search engine to load a web app, it is directed to the server. The data is loaded from the server and then sent to the user’s browser. Each time the user requests to load a new page, the data needs to be acquired from the server and processed again.

In case of SPA, the transfer of data is done only once. This doesn’t mean that once a user requests to load a new page, the browser shows the same page again. Rather, the whole JavaScript (JS) is loaded in a single stance and only the new elements are loaded in the next request. No further refreshing is done. In other words, you get everything done on a single page of the application itself. A common example of SPA is Gmail. You don’t need constant refreshing to load new messages in the inbox.

React vs Angular – An Overview

Now coming back to the question of React and Angular. React.js or ReactJS is a JavaScript library for User Interface (UI) elements, developed by Facebook. A reusable code with hot reloading options makes cross-application platform app development much easier.

Angular.js or Angular JS 1.X is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework by Google. It influences how user codes using JS. Both accomplish the same tasks. Angular uses JS and HTML has a regular DOM and offers two-way data binding.


The two-way data binding in Angular reflects any data changes in the model on the view also. And the data changes in the view gets updated on the model as well. When a large amount of data needs to be processed, this can reduce the speed of the app. React uses the JSX, has a virtual DOM and offer one-way data binding. Hence, data changes need not be reflected in both model and view.

Code re-usability

In React, the code is easy to understand and uses fewer abstractions, though it takes time to set up projects using React. Angular model is complex to handle because of its third-party libraries and syntax.


Compared to React, the design and powerful Command Line Interface (CLI) makes it easy to scale Angular apps. React is testable and scalable up to an extent.


In Angular, every piece of code is easily testable. On the contrary, react code is easy for debugging.

Which one fits you the best?

That largely depends upon the complexity, time to market, budget and for your application. If you further need assistance to understand what suits your requirements, contact our expert team of professionals and find the answer!

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