Prominent IT Solution Providers in India

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Prominent IT Solution Providers in India

The Indian IT sector has undergone an immense transformation over the past decade. The country’s rich source of IT talent has led to the emergence of several IT solution providers every year. However, the team that believes to provide value-added solutions to their customers worldwide, sustains in the long run and can foresee exponential development.

The previous year gave considerable growth opportunities to various technologies by way of innovations in the fields of AI, machine learning, cloud computing, IoT, robotics, augmentation, and virtual reality. Nevertheless, there are several additional and crucial factors that lead on to decide which IT solution provider can be the most suitable as well as affordable to your business.

Here we have listed a few companies which include some of the market established companies and some of the emerging companies that have impressed the customers with the quality of their service.

Leading IT solution providers in India

  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS has achieved the highest acclamations from across the world due to its successful effort in aligning various aspects such as Brand, Business, Talent, Investment, and Portfolio into the same framework. They shaped up a perfect global service model that enabled a pragmatic and cost-effective strategy. The company has shown business resilience and longevity as it stays adaptive to changing technologies, invests continually in building newer technologies, and creatively harnesses the power of technology. TCS is considered to be a true industry service leader as it carries a deeper understanding of what their true essence lies in and what disciplinary actions they need to take. Besides, TCS owns a sophisticated suite of applications and marvelous delivery tools. 

  •  Infosys

Infosys is an international leader that delivers next-generation digital services and consulting. The company empowers enterprises through their AI-powered core digital services that emphasize the execution of change. Through its agile digital at par offerings, the company is successful in delivering unprecedented grades of performance and customer delight. Over the years, the company has taken up the challenge to serve the clients with resilience and follow the instincts for gaining inspiration. The focus of the company remains on driving continuous improvements by way of transferring digital skills backed up with creative ideas from cross-section industries and innovation ecosystems. At the core, Infosys stands apart as it goes beyond band-aid fixing and attempting to design holistic solutions leading on to evolve a quick response to allied and adjacent problems. 

  • HCL Technologies

HCL technologies are the top leading IT companies in India. The company aids several global enterprises to re-invent and transform their businesses via a world-class digital technology transformation. HCL Technologies stands apart from other IT solution providers due to its unique and integrated Mode 1-2-3 growth strategy that encompasses core services, integrated offerings, and strong partnerships. 

  • Wipro

Developed under an integrated employee-driven work culture, the company places its staff at the forefront as a true part of success. Based on several case studies of the company’s clientele, every single project is handled based on the relationships built beyond the contract engagement model. The company provides holistic solutions to their customers with regard to their challenges, learnings, and practices. The company has designed and implemented concrete steps to develop a healthy ecosystem for the community and environment. Active engagements with diversified groups of communities have enabled the organization to collaborate and jointly indulge to rebalance resources for the future.

Known as India’s leading technology companies, today Wipro is highly renowned for its IT, Engineering, and consulting services. Wipro fetches expertise in hyper-automation backed up with AI & cognitive computing-based solutions. This is possible through their unique and distinguished platform that caters to a comprehensive portfolio of services under the identity of ‘Wipro HOLMES’. Distinguished by its core strategy into computer developments, BPO, stock performance, commitment to sustainability, programming, and good corporate citizenship for more than two decades, the company has won several awards and accreditations from India and worldwide. 

  • Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra owned by Mahindra group of companies is one of the eminent IT companies in India. The company has been very popular in terms of giving an excellent work-life cultural balance to its employees and in providing a sustainable career opportunity. Tech Mahindra is the most preferred IT solution provider when it comes to procuring innovative solutions. This enables enterprises, associates, and society to leap into their business endeavors. The company is known for its diligent efforts in achieving new heights in the fields of IT and Telecom service providing innovations. Recently, Tech Mahindra has aided through their Repair, Rally, and Rise strategy for a stronger emergence in the times of the post-Covid world. With a consistent improvement in their performances on several fronts, the company believes to make it possible because of its strong execution on revenue and operational metrics. 

  • L&T Infotech

L&T Infotech is a leading global IT solutions provider. With the introduction of LTI’s Mosaic platform, the company is uniquely positioned to address the need for convergence through an inherent engineering mind-set. Enlisted and accredited with several Awards and Recognition, LTI is well known for the successful completion of Nelson Hall’s Software Testing, and being one of the best places to work. Besides, it is recognized in Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for SAP S/4HANA application services. As a contribution to the professionals in the present situation, the company is set to bring xFH (Everything from home) to the life model by LTI Canvas. This framework is a curated platform that consists of LTI solutions, Microsoft technologies, and select third-party tools. 

  • Cubet Techno Labs

Cubet Techno Labs is an emerging IT consulting and software product development company that has in a short period added some renowned and satisfied customers to its pool. The company believes in working with the cutting-edge technologies that are to stay in the ecosystem for a decade thus adding value to its customer’s investments from a long-term perspective. Empowered with a diversified workforce of best-in-class engineers, Cubet helps to design, develop, and deploy viable solutions based on AI and Machine Learning transforming business worldwide. With the strong knowledge pool equipped by its SMEs, technical experts, and operational leaders, the company renders services into AI and Analytics, Digital product engineering, product consulting, and IoT. Cubet has an edge over other IT brands in practicing a customer-centric approach. Each customer is considered to be a partner that leads to sales growth, reduced costs, empowering human, physical, and intellectual capital.

The company envisions being a globally recognized IT solution provider who offers reliable solutions embedded with knowledge, technology, and innovation. Its mission is to be a consistent goal achiever who embraces values of trust, integrity, accountability, and transparency. 

  • Mphasis

Mphasis is a well-known applied technology services company, with strong domain expertise in Insurance, Banking, and Financial Services vertical. In terms of providing career opportunities, the company is rated as an excellent work culture provider with a good environment and other benefits. The core advantage of working with Mphasis is found in its next-generation solutions that enable enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Besides, the unique features embedded are the majority stake owned by The Blackstone Group (the world’s largest private equity firm), the company’s deep domain experience, huge investments in architecture, automation, and customer experience, and a proven formula of X2Csquare that helps clients to transfer anything to the cloud via cloud computing. 

  • Hexaware Technologies Ltd

HTI is India’s best IT company much known to provide the fastest growing next-generation IT, BPO, and consulting services. The growth strategy of the company is highly boosted by its expansive global delivery capability. It continues to nurture and sustain its vast pool of satisfied customers by practicing some of its core values such as adopting disruptive technologies, being a passionate, fearless attitude, and sharing its past wisdom and experiences. What makes it unique from others is the powerful three-pronged strategy followed by the core team to fast-track enterprises into the digital era. They are Automate Everything, Cloudify Everything, and Transform Customer Experiences.

  • MindTree

MindTree is the pre-eminent IT solution provider that helps businesses and societies flourish. The company caters to clients on a global front delivering agile and customized solutions. What makes MindTree distinctive from others is its core expertise in infrastructure and application management services. Besides, based on several reviews, the company is the most preferred organization in terms of employability and providing the best work culture with great benefits. Overall, the company believes in nurturing authentic partnerships and fosters a genial environment that respects individual perspectives and a transparent approach.

Final Thoughts

Businesses across the globe are growing exponentially irrespective of the unavoidable crisis. The power of the digital transformation and the influence of robust technologies have opened great avenues of possibilities for innovative developments.

With ample resources and knowledge available at every IT companies’ exposure, it has become easier to approach every individual at the remotest locations. 

However, those companies who value their customers, adopt effective communication with them, and follow effective feedback evaluation techniques, would survive in the long run. Also, the future beholds the sustainability of those software giants who would make sincere efforts to give back to society by way of providing equal opportunities to every individual capable to perform in any given circumstances.

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