PHPFox – The best platform to build your own social networking site

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PHPFox – The best platform to build your own social networking site


Is it a better idea to create a private social networking website for your company stakeholders and test your products first-hand by the members of this site? PHPFox is a script which allows you to create a social networking site without customising the code. It is a feature packed social networking solution and one of the best social networking packages that are commercially available for those looking to deploy a Facebook or MySpace style social network. It is a complete package built in PHP & MySQL which includes all the features required for a social networking site like facebook.

9 unbeatable reasons to go for PHPFox enabled social network

1. PHPFox extensions allows to fully personalize and refine social networking site which means PHPFox will lead to achieve a unique, aesthetically appealing interface.

2. It is a stable and powerful script for small and medium business. Moreover, it is flexible, extendable and customizable.

3. It has a good team and active community for support.

4. When it comes to building and designing of a social network, PHPFox offers a variety of themes along with a WYSIWYG editor.

5. The extensive branding and marketing options, monetization through advertisements are some other prominent features.

6. PHPFox is built on a platform that gives full control with websites layout, giving the ability to easily create a unique look directed at the comfort of an Admin Control Panel.

7. The PHPFox application has all the rich features available in popular online community applications such as, Activity Feeds, User Profiles , Photos, Groups, Friends, Videos, Events, Instant Messenger etc.

8. Its new offerings like RSS feeds, news feeds, chat systems, multi-language support, free plug-ins, quiz and event managers, forum and poll modules, user profiles and account managers, galleries for photos, videos and music etc., makes you feel different.

9. PHPFox is the best option for the smooth performance of large social website platforms.

Basic Structure of PHPFox

PHPFox is built up on modular structure and it is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. According to module, we can assume that service as model, template as view and controller as controller. Every feature in PHPFox is a module. For e.g.: photos gallery, usergroups, friend lists, activity feeds etc considered to be each module.

The functions which directly interact with model/database are specified in the service class. The module component can split into 3 types in PHPFox. They are ajax, controller and block which handles all ajax requests from browser, all actions & communication with end user and assign values getting from services for view, respectively.

The main purpose of block is to use it in multiple controllers and can place it in any different locations we need. The functionalities specified in controller, services are extendable without editing single line of code using plugins. For view, the template engine used here is smarty and it supports plugin architecture for template.

The libraries/libs is considered as the skeleton of PHPFox. It is the engine that runs all the core modules and other functionalities. The social networking site can be run successfully, if we only include core engine with few required core modules. It is developed using OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concept which allow developers to easily extent the product for future usability.

The product is designed to be a CMS (content management system). It is possible to manage menu, blocks and pages. Under menu management, we can change the order of menu displayed, edit, delete or deactivate menu items. The layout system of product is handled as blocks which can be managed by either drag and drop or traditional way. The block can also be enabled, disabled, added and removed from backend.


PHPFox is not an open source script and is available in 3 price packages with varied features. Define your needs, compare the pricing package and choose the best one for you. Please refer here

Why a new networking site?

1. Companies or organizations can build their own  online community for its prospects, customers, employees, other stakeholders in which users are able to register, create a profile, upload pictures, videos, ask questions, upload reviews and feedbacks, communicate with each other. This helps for the better visibility in online world and customers can find more information about your company and products.

2. For those who are looking to promote their job skills and personal skills, by building a new social site, PHPFox offers them a lot more than other similar platforms.

The Bottom Line

PHPFox has a whole bag of tricks. If you are looking for building a customized social networking site for your company or personal use PHPFox is the best choice. So, it is crunch time for you to step up a gear by starting and managing your own social network website. It’s time to think on your feet.

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