An Insight on Parallax Scrolling

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  • 9 years ago

Parallax Scrolling is one of the latest trends in web design, yet most parallax scrolling websites are not SEO-friendly. SEO issues are always at the forefront of these gripes, likewise with issues concerning responsiveness, browser compatibility, the gathering of analytics, oversaturation, and plain old superficiality. It’s the hottest technique in web design, but can backfire if overused.


The term “parallax” first came from the visual effect of 2D side scrolling videogames that used a “special effects” technique to give the audience an illusion of depth.

Example of Parallax Scrolling

Developing a website with parallax scrolling gives websites a better opportunity to

  • Holding visitor interest
  • Provoke curiosity
  • Making your site easily navigable
  • Storing all of your content on one page but It does not talk about one page web design or web structure

Downsides of parallax scrolling

  • parallax scrolling websites are not SEO friendly
  • Page load times
  • Not compatible with responsive and mobile design
  • Users find it odd when they scroll downward and the page moves horizontally

Some tips and tricks when using parallax scrolling functionality

Disable Parallax Scrolling On Mobile or use some jquery that helps parallax scrolling works in mobile also (eg:

  • Make it fun and Use it to tell a visual story
  • Make parallax working in older browsers also
  • Speed It Up With Preloaded Images
  • Create parallax scrolling based on SEO architecture

Some great parallax scrolling websites



Parallax scrolling is something that is simple, effective, and a bit different from the ordinary everything-scrolling-at-once kind of look. Parallax scrolling can be used to achieve many things in web design. You can present your product in new and engaging ways, or tell more vivid and interactive stories.

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