On Page SEO Checklist for Website Optimization (with Infographics)

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On Page SEO Checklist

Page Title:

If you wish to see your site on the “goodbooks” of any search engine, maintaining page title etiquette is considered to be an absolute necessity. Stick with the character limit (55-60) and concentrate the keywords whenever applicable. It is also better to place the keywords as close as to the beginning of the title if you can’t begin the title with the keyword.

Heading Tags:

H1 is a critical tag that you don’t want to miss out. It is wise to include the keywords respective to the page theme in the H1 tag. We have heading tags classified from H1 to H6, however, it is not an absolute necessity to include all these tags in your content. Ensure that the keywords used in the heading tag are compatible with the page title.

URL Structure:

User-friendly URLs are can easily leave an impression in the minds of human visitors and crawl file of the robots. A highly optimized URL which mirrors the category/service hierarchy, highlights relevant keyword and has ideal character limit is always given priority by the search engines when compared to the static URLs.


Lengthy, Unique and Fresh content can sill steal the show with ease. Use the keywords uniformly and naturally across your content and ensure that they are dropped in the content intro. It is also advised to develop some sort of bond or compatibility with the keywords in the headline tags and the ones that you use in your content.

Webpage Load Speed:

Website Load Speed is one among the critical factors that contributes towards the improved SERP ranking for any website. Find more info: 8 tips to Improve website page load speed.

Image Optimization:

Images can easily make or break your website. Find more info on some image optimization techniques here:

Website Navigation:

Optimum user experience is literally the key to retaining visitors on your site. Longer the visitor the stays, more the chances for conversions. It is imperative to ensure that your site is navigational friendly. A custom designed 404 page is an ideal strategy to keep the visitors on the hunt. An HTML sitemap placed on the home page contributes to enhanced user experience.

Social Sharing:

Social share buttons are considered as the windows that can be used to expose or showcase good content or services on offer. It is strongly advised to tag social sharing buttons to each important page in your site. Optimize the social share buttons so that it generates a sharable message quickly and easily, thereby enhancing user experience.

Robots.txt file:

Robots.txt is an exclusion protocol that can be used to inform the search engine bots about the pages in your site that are meant to be or not meant to be crawled. You can access your robots.txt file by following this URL format: www.yoursite.com/robots.txt. It is not however recommended to use robots.txt protocol to block sensitive information as any curios visitor to can learn more about the blocked URL by accessing the robots.txt file. Moreover, search engines can still index the pages blocked via robots.txt if there are any links to these pages from any other sources on the web. To protect the sensitive information on your site from bots, you can consider storing them away in a password protected directory.

Web Analytics:

Web Analytics tools like Google Analytics is the key to accurate reporting and visitor tracking. You can literally use Google Analytics to an in-depth insight on valuable dimensions and metrics like visits, bounce rate, goal conversions, traffic sources, new visitors, returning visitors, real time visitors etc.

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