Nuxt.js with Laravel API – Use This Winning Combination

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  • 4 years ago
Nuxt.js with Laravel API – Use This Winning Combination

Nuxt.js is one of the most recognizable and reliable JavaScript frameworks which is built over Vue.js. You get complete support to build Vue.js applications in the best possible manner through Nuxt because Nuxt gives routing and server-side rendering out of the box. 

Besides, the applications designed from Nuxt.js turn out to be highly fast and efficient. The best of all is that with Nuxt, you can build Single Page Applications (SPA), Static Site and Server Side Rendered (SSR) web applications. 

Why choose the combination of Nuxt.js + Laravel API? 

Nuxt provides several outstanding benefits when combined with Laravel to build robust and scalable API systems. The aim of combining Nuxt.js with Laravel API is to create revolutionary full-stack web applications that can render the best of the solutions to the end-users. 

Such benefits can only be availed if you understand and practice its key features in the right manner. 

Saves Time 

Nuxt is created to simplify and accelerate the development of universal and single-page applications. It provides great ready-to-work web applications. 

With a single command, it can begin with coding skipping over the configuration process. 

Higher Flexibility 

The Nuxt-Laravel combo would establish greater flexibility and higher advantages over other JS frameworks. It has no room to make any compromises. 

Server-Side Rendering 

Nuxt provides the flexibility to create universal applications. The scripts can be viewed and used by the client as well as on the server-side. 

Customized Middleware 

Nuxt creates an instant connect within, in a manner that you can add your custom middleware. 

Provision of Additional routes 

It permits to go for additional routes registrations without the requirement for an external server. 

Customized configuration 

Nuxt will also allow customizing the webpack configuration for building a customized web application

AsyncData Method 

You may aim to fetch the data and render it on the server-side. Nuxt adds an asyncData method that sets aside to handle async operations before component data setting. 

Additional Offline Feature

Nuxt can add an offline feature to the application which can be added to the home screen as an icon on mobile phones. The handset can also receive notifications and updates automatically.

Auto Code Split

It is amazing to know that Nuxt generates a static version of your site with the most standard webpack configuration. This is done to generate a separate own JS file of codes for static pages or routes.

Resolute Combination for Reliable Web Solutions!

The present and future of the latest web development technologies lie in the emergence of the one-time solution to combine Nuxt.js with Laravel API. Rather than opt for a Vue.js framework to build your applications, getting straight into the core features of Nuxt.js that can work attuned to Laravel would be a greater choice any day.

This stands out to be a remarkable developer experience through a systematic separation of backend from the frontend projects that can create robust and innovative web applications.

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