Nuxt.js and Vue.js: Reasons why they differ and when do they combine

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Nuxt.js and Vue.js: Reasons why they differ and when do they combine

Vue.js is a high acclaimed progressive Javascript framework that is accessed for building robust user interfaces. Vue.js comprises the most compatible technology that can be utilized to build-up innovative and efficient applications over limited usage of resources. The key features of Vue.js are: 

  • Scalability
  • Ready to use conventions
  • Developers’ choice
  • Error-free with the latest updates
  • Resource optimization
  • Progressive
  • Great community
  • Access to tons of libraries


Nuxt.js is an upper-level framework that is built over Vue.js to design and create highly advanced web applications. Nuxt.js aims to make resilient and efficient web application development with awesome developer experience. Nuxt.js eases off the attention from server details and client code distribution and allows the developer to focus on the application development through Laravel API. 

Nuxt.js stands to be the bedrock of Vue.js projects and gives solid structures to establish viable projects with enough flexibility. The core features of Nuxt.js are: 

  • Server-Side Rendering
  • Access to building a Single Page App (SPA)
  • Robust Routing system
  • Pre-processors: Sass, Less, Stylus, etc.
  • Static File Serving
  • Auto-Code Split
  • Write the Vue Files
  • Modular architecture extension
  • Minifying and bundling of CSS & JS


Reasons and benefits of choosing Nuxt.js over Vue.js 

Although Vue.js has been considered as a great choice to build applications, there are some concerns observed by several developers for Vue.js. We take you through them as below. 

Difficulty to build production-ready Vue app from the scratch 

Nuxt is grounded with solid research that enables the access of preconfigured Vue files added up with quick defaults bringing best out-of-the-box practices for application development

Lack of standardized configured folder structures 

As a good start, Vue provides assets and components directory. But when your application grows you need to organize your codes with classifications. Nuxt sets you up with configurable separate directory for application views, layout templates, and Vuex store files. 

Lengthy process for Routing configuration 

The pre-configuration happens by placing a single Vue component files into the page folder. That leads to making a production-ready application. 

No SEO Friendly mechanism 

You would not want that your specific pages remain undiscovered by the search engines. With Vue, it becomes a tricky arrangement. Nuxt comes with pre-configured applications on the server that routes to include SEO bounded tags.

Slow loading of Vue applications at the initial stage 

Nuxt gives authorization on universal application rendering. There is pre-rendered HTML leading your page to load faster in the browser. Also, the auto code-splitting benefits in choosing selective Javascript loading required for route function 

Resistance to change in the framework behavior 

Nuxt removes this limitation by delivering an elite standardized module system leading to easier customization. 

Difference between Vue.js and Nuxt.js 

To name a few but the below differences are highly considerable in terms of user experience. 


Nuxt enables route-to-route transitions leaving no time to waste in route configurations in the entire application. Vue.js lacks this feature.

The main component of App.vue 

Vue.js applications contain the App.vue file as a core root component. But good to know that, by default, Nuxt.js pages use the default Vue layout that already contains all these files.


To summarize, it remains entirely on the developer’s decision whether to use one over the other based on the goals, requirements, and project needs. Generally, Nuxt is avoided for small project modifications, to create widgets for websites, non-requirement of SSR, etc.

Over and above, the ultimate goal to combine both frameworks is to create stable and substantial universal or single page Vue apps.

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