Medoo: An Ideal Database Framework for Efficient Web Development

September 15th, 2022

Medoo is a light-weighted non-MVC framework that acts as an efficient medium to connect database to PHP. The framework was developed by Angel Lai, a profound designer and entrepreneur. Medoo is literally build using PHP and is compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQLite etc. It provides the facility to extend the existing functionality.

  • ·Download Medoo
  • ·There is only one file and you can configure it
protected $database_type = 'mysql';

protected $server = 'hostname';

protected $database_type = 'mysql';

protected $username = 'username';

protected $password = 'password';
Using Medoo in your projects

1.   Include medoo in your project

require_once 'medoo.php';

2.  Initialization

 $database = new medoo('database');

info() :

returns functions of database

Insertion :

$database->insert ('student', [

'user_name' => 'abc'

'email' => ‘[email protected]',

'age' => 25,


Inserting values into the table student

Select :

$datas = $database->select ("student", [



], ["user_id[>]" => 100


foreach($datas as $data)


echo "user_name:" . $data["user_name"] . “- email:”. $data["email"] . "<br/>";


select user_name , email , user_id from table student with user_id > 100
and display the data using for loop

Update :

$database->update(“student”,[“email”=>”[email protected]”],[“user_id”=>”2”]);

update the table row student with email is  [email protected] and user_id is 2

Delete :


delete the row from the table student with user_id is 3

Aggregate functions:


Given below is an example of aggregate function for finding minimum age.

$database->min(“student”, “age”,[“age[<]”=>”20”]);

returns the min of age from the table student with age less than 20.


replace the old data into new one.

$database->replace("student", ["type" => [ "user" => "new_user"],"group" => ["groupA" => "groupB"]], ["user_id[>]" => 1000]);

Medoo is simple and handy; it has method for all the SQL queries. It does not cause any revolutionary change but for free MIT license, you can use it anywhere you want. I’m definitely planning to write more about Medoo, i would love to hear your opinions about this post, therefore, don’t hesitate to drop a comment.

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