We don't need disruptions, this is what we tell our partners

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We don't need disruptions, this is what we tell our partners

When adversity hits mankind to the peak levels creating perpetual damages and losses to generations, humanity transcends towards a new rising. Ages before and even today this philosophy works.

Covid-19 engendered anomalous disruptions in social and economic activities across the globe. While the world was under lockdown, a handful of sectors evolved unnoticeably. Businesses began to relook into their working strategies considering the need to continue the operational activities for survival.

Companies and firms that provided technology-based solutions in various fields like healthcare, climate change, education, eCommerce, and many others, became the crucial problem-solvers during these times. For organizations, it became crucial to deal with challenges during the ongoing pandemic.

Major Disruptions During & Post Work From Home

Major disruptions arose such as no workforce mobility, lack of data access to the corporate network, no remote access infrastructure, and much more. At this level of crisis, it became very essential to upgrade technologies and IT resources for revival.

Hence, post-Covid crisis, the increased usage of robust and virtual technology for conducting meetings, AI and cloud-based services, e-learning, etc. took place. As a result, it became inevitable for businesses to invest in the latest technologies, reboot the IT resources, reskill and upskill the workforce, and follow the governmental norms for ensuring safety and better health.

Especially for tech companies, working remotely brought a paradigm shift across the sector. On parallel grounds, some of the major disruptions faced by millions of workers across the diverse sectors were

  • Broken chain of communication with the co-workers
  • Major distractions due to family hustles
  • Low morale due to working in isolation
  • Confronting technology hiccups
  • Work-life imbalances
  • A threat to the data security due to lack of IT infrastructure

Resuming office calls for an organization to inculcate the changing patterns of the new normal work environment into the employees. Besides, companies may confront major disruptions while trying to adjust to the work from home of their human resources.

  • Ramping up the workers back to office culture with expected productivity
  • Difficulty to gauge the new performance parameters of the team
  • Confront the workers’ mindset for resistance to change
  • Redesigning work environment strategies
  • More emphasis on health safety and adhering to Covid guidelines
  • Rekindling the spark of effective communication and employee engagement

We Are Partners To Our Customers

We substantiate the continuance of our working patterns that commensurate with the present scenarios. At Cubet, we drive our team to inculcate the following practices.


We understand the expectations of our valuable customers in terms of ensuring safety measures, revisiting our promises, and provide experiences to them that they live up to.

Also, we believe in providing quality with consistency and protection which further enhances reassurance and service satisfaction.


In a world full of uncertainties, we have gained credibility from our customers by ensuring work transparency as it an essential aspect of building trust and resilience.


Our culture is driven by embracing deeper conversations with our audiences to understand their needs and preferences. As it helps us to form reliable strategies for building desired results that are effective for a long-term basis.

Work Continuity

Our work ethics are built on the foundations of service resilience and endurance. Even at times of distress and adversities, our work culture is driven to deliver our services with the top-notch in real-time.

Risk Mitigation

Amidst the Covid outbreak, our organization has adopted effective measures to prevent social stigma and discriminatory behavior against people. We strictly maintain safety and utmost hygiene at our workplace despite working as a team. Besides, our staff is well-oriented to safeguard the work environment by following the necessary guidelines while at work.

How Are We Successful Since Pandemic?

Notwithstanding the implications of the covid outbreak, our team has ensured to deliver practical solutions to our customers while they strive through the crisis.

Proper Monitoring

Our developers ensure to monitor general server health standards, user accessibility, and uptime post-deployment of web and mobile applications. We have used the best of the monitoring tools in tune with the technology evolution enabling users to access apps since the outbreak of the pandemic. 

Risk Assessment

This becomes one of the important steps as it facilitates solving potential problems occurring within any software project. Even amidst the adversities during the pandemic, our team has created reliable strategies to identify and assess the potential risks and find reliable solutions and plans of actions to mitigate the damages and losses. 


It became the need of the hour to introduce innovative training techniques for our developers with the covid around. Hence, we ensured to orient, upgrade, and re-skill the talents and skills of our core team to handle technology disruptions and work from home situations.

Escalation & Issue Handling

The development team at Cubet performs clean and transparent escalation procedures to address the technical challenges, handling technical issues like bug fixing and data discrepancies. During the ongoing pandemic, our team of developers has ensured to provide smooth user access and data accuracy leaving the entire operational activities unhampered.

Our Plans Post-pandemic

Following Protocols

Our management team has designed efficient and foolproof plans to ensure business continuation during the post-pandemic situation. Cubet is empowered with a hotshot team of developers and technology experts who are passionate to deliver quality with resilience. As a result, we have well-crafted work architecture models that ensure the continuity of our services with the best quality and reliability.

Data Management

Irrespective of the adverse situations, for a software development company like Cubet, we take ownership to maintain, update, and safeguard the crucial data of our customers at all times. Any kind of data discrepancies and errors are handled efficiently, and our team of experts provides real-time solutions. For that, we have also ensured to train and develop our workforce at regular intervals and empower them to handle minor to major technical problems.

30% Workforce Availability

At any given point in time, our business continuation plans have been framed in a manner to make at least 30% of the workforce available at the office to address any technical and work-related issues for our customers. As we know our customers are our most important assets.

Final Thoughts

For Cubet, covid has led to a burst of acceleration, leading to a fast-forward future of work architecture which is strongly tested. We are all set to blend people and technology in the most dynamic business environment. While in the middle of uncertainties of the ending of the crisis, we have already put a foot forward to gain momentum and sustainability for a longer future.

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