Magic Mouse: another milestone to Apple’s patency list

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Unveiled in 1976, Apple Inc has been one of the dominant or successful producers of consumer electronics that the world has ever witnessed. Even though the company was founded for the sole purpose of developing and marketing personal computers, it soon expanded to different sectors in the world of electronics. In the present day, you have hardware and software products ranging from Smartphones to operating systems with the tag “Apple”. The company has been experimenting with different technologies since its launch and is also currently following the same approach. One of the latest innovations from Apple which was recently granted patent by United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO is a mouse with built-in scanner and display.

Apple Magic Mouse

The newly patented mouse comes with an embedded scanner and display. The prime functionality of the scanner is to scan the images and display them via the embedded screen. In addition to this, the scanner also takes up the responsibility of scanning the surface and making the mouse compatible with varying surfaces for better results. The chromatic sensors incorporated into the scanners play a pivotal role in assisting this.  The patency filed by Apple simply describes the complete technical know-how. Literally transformed, it explains how the scanners and chromatic sensors operate in conjunction for detecting different surface variants and how the gadget self-adjusts with respect to these. The upper member used in the gadget that is designed sensitively enough to generate a touch signal or an event is regarded to be one of a kind. The scanner used in the latest mouse is far advanced when compared to the traditional scanner. As a matter of fact, the scanner is regarded to be an add-on in the form of an input method.

Even though the much awaited magic mouse from Apple Inc is still in the shell, apparently, the company is working in hard on its development. You can keep your eyes open for this gadget to hit the market, meanwhile, I will definitely update you with info on the latest innovations with gadgets and related news.

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