Is Digital Transformation Dead? How to improve business productivity during COVID?

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Is Digital Transformation Dead? How to improve business productivity during COVID?

We certainly cannot predict the future. COVID-19 has taught us the only way to deal with the crisis is to go with the flow. COVID-19 crisis has forced companies all over the world to work remotely. Some companies already adhered to practices of remote work while some are still reeling under pressure. 

In all this chaos and stress, digital transformation has surely been affected. Even business productivity has taken a toss as remote work is all about proper communication and collaboration. So, is digital transformation dead in the times of COVID-19?

Well, not really. You can improve your business productivity in the Covid19 crisis and give a push to your business growth, here is how:

  • Keep a routine 

You and your employees have to keep up with a routine in this scenario. Insist on working at a regular start time. Adjust the start time based on the suitability of the employees. 

Ask your employees to set up a separate work area. This helps to get into and get out of the work mindset. Set a reminder to follow the routine. Some people are not used to work from home so they may need a constant reminder so that they can adjust faster. 

  • Use a video conferencing service 

You may be aware of video conferencing app Zoom. The popularity of this app has increased due to COVID-19. The app has cemented as a platform where people can meet, collaborate, share ideas, and work upon a situation. Video conferencing has quite a few benefits especially for Work from home concept.

  • Centralize your information 

If your business information is still scattered, you need to use portals and other central databases that hold on to your information. Most CRM’s and business management apps are cloud-based which means they are simple to use when you work from home. 

Most apps are also rolling out added benefits that can be utilized in the times of the Covid19 pandemic. Centralizing information keeps your business information on the same page and matter where your employees are working. This will increase productivity a mile a minute. 

  • Provide a budget on equipment

Not every company has a perfect setup to work from home. To increase productivity, ask your employees if they have everything that they need right from a microphone to a mouse. 

If you have a budget in place, provide your employees with the required equipment so that they are more reachable and productive. 

  • Integration for digital transformation 

All the data systems need to work well and integrate with the company’s internal process. If you streamline your data strategy, it’ll give the right push to your digital transformation process.

  • Use Covid19 as a reset time 

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has forced people to work from home. Take this opportunity to reset your business strategies. Revaluate your business and take advantage of business services that you might have ignored in earlier times.

To sum up, It is about time you convert this opportunity to business growth. Digital transformation starts with your effort and time. As the world is reeling under the crisis, it is time to maximize your productivity. Focus on your future planning rather than thinking about the present. Eventually, when the world will get past the COVID-19 crisis, you’ll be well-prepared for challenges.

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