IngramMicro Integration with Interspire Shopping Cart

November 22, 2012

IngramMicro is an American electronics company and world’s largest distributor of computer and technology products, offering the largest selection of hardware and software products. They provide excellent integration services to enhance order execution, solution performance and post-sale relationship with our customers. Ingram micro provides a set of APIs for other softwares to communicate with the system and set up the inventory management.

Interspire Shopping cart is an award winning ecommerce shopping cart solution. We have integrated a bridge between Interspire shopping cart with Ingram Micro. This integration allows us to automate

  • Order placement
  • Inventory Management
  • RMA integration
  • Shipping Cost management
  • Product Tracking-both from Interspire and Ingram Micro etc.

The Interspire module is developed as a stand alone package for ISC6.1.6, which works well on many live installations. We are working on developing a magento-ingrammicro integration which will be released in a few days.

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