How Cubet Hopes to Redefine Cyber Security Needs with AI?

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How Cubet Hopes to Redefine Cyber Security Needs with AI?

Technology and software trends are updating at a rapid pace leaving no room for protection. With new software and applications, there is also a threat of hacking and cyber-attacks, which is why cyber security has become a prime focus for most organizations.

There is a constant check on how the data can be protected or whether the app is secure. Besides, it played a major role in increasing cyber threats because of remote working processes.

In short, remote working increased cybercrime. Considering this, security professionals need to look for strong support from advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence. The technology is adept at protecting apps and companies from cyber threats.

 According to a recent market report, the market value of AI in cyber security in 2019 was 8.8 Billion USD. The revenue forecast for 2026 is 38.2 Billion.

The increasing use of social media and the growing need for cloud-based security solutions among SMEs offer a great market opportunity for new entrants in AI and cybersecurity market.

The increasing vulnerability to security threats, wi-fi networks, rising concerns of data protection, and cyber threats are drivers for security.

Cubet integrates with AI to provide the best features in cyber security that will take care of all security concerns.

How Cubet Hopes to Redefine Cyber Security Needs with AI?

1. Robust Malware Detection

·        One of the best ways AI can help in malware detection is through – trapping to hunting. In threat trapping, technologies help to identify malware using bad behavior models.

·        If the malware is found, it will be malicious.

·        AI also helps to automate good behavior modeling.

·        Signature-based tools are unable to detect malware attacks leaving your system vulnerable.

·        Artificial intelligence is adept at grasping all the possibilities that regular security tools will miss. Though traditional security tools have a place in cyber security, they are not efficient enough to detect malware.

·        AI enables companies to be more proactive and productive in the implementation of security.

·        With the help of technology, you can gain visibility by dismantling each file to search for malicious elements.

·        AI along with ML quickly adapts to new technology and network conditions.

·        All the hackers that use modern technology for hacking can also be a fool to AI-based security.

2.  Safeguards a Large Amount of Data

·        AI protects data using behavior modeling and identifies malware with auto measures to counter the attacks.

·        Whether your company is big or small, there is a lot of data exchanged between the company and the customers each day. However, this information must be rightly safeguarded from potential attacks.

·        Cyber security experts are not adept at identifying the threats, which can result in data loss and theft. As a result, you can use AI to detect the traits for routine activities.

·        As it works on automation, it quickly goes through a large amount of data in real time.

·        It is capable of identifying all the hazards and threats to the system, which secures the customer data.

3. Boosts the Response Time

●      The response time of security solutions impacts the way things operate.

●      If your security is slow, it can impact the working processes.

●      An ideal security threat is best when it can detect the problem in real time.

●      When integrating Artificial intelligence with cyber security, it’s the best way to respond to attacks.

●      There is no waiting time, which can save your data and keep your system secure.

●      Unlike humans, AI does not miss any spot while examining the system, so it does impact the change.

●      If the risks are detected early, it saves a lot of time and effort.

4. Takes Care of Redundant Cyber Security Tasks

●      Unlike humans, AI scans the entire system and reports all possible threats.

●      Hackers modify their ways to hack the system and use new codes and technology, but fundamentally the process does not change.

●      At times, they may also weary your cyber security task and affect the process.

●      Artificial intelligence takes care of redundant security tasks while imitating the best of human traits. Additionally, it does this through network analysis and locates different security flaws that could harm your system.

●      In short, it takes care of security threats that are not visible.

5. Provides Authenticity Protection

●      AI uses ML and identifies verification to create a reliable verification system that enhances network security.

●      Most sites allow users to log in from any system and access services. However, you will need added protection for such websites as they may contain private data or sensitive information.

●      To maintain trust, the data about your guests must remain safe.

●      AI can provide an advanced security layer and secures the authentication when the user wishes to connect with the site for a specified purpose.

●      Most companies use login measures like – fingerprint sensors, Capta, and facial recognition using AI technology. It helps to find whether the attempt made is legitimate or not.

How do Cyber Attacks Affect the Company and its Working Systems?

●      Protecting the company against different cyber threats can be challenging.

●      At times, it also impacts the relationship between customers and the company.

●      However, cyber threats are non-static, and they evolve with changing trends.

●      Companies have lost millions of dollars due to cyber attacks, also affecting their credibility to an extent.

●      Additionally, cyber security breaches have caused operational disruptions and have alerted different business practices.

●      Moreover, it affects outlays such as insurance premiums and public relations.

●      Most companies have to face legal consequences because of cyber attacks.

●      It also affects the business standing and customers’ trust.

How AI Contributes to Cyber Security?

●      AI enables the security team to handle complex and bigger security threats. It has a proven way to identify the treats and find possible solutions for them.

●      AI takes automated action that helps to eliminate security threats before it reaches the system.

●      It is the best solution for enterprise-grade applications and apps that need added functionalities.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) services and solutions can transform the way you secure your apps and data. Additionally, with good security functions, you can always stay at the top of your game. AI can provide a smarter way to secure your solutions and applications.


If you wish to secure your system using AI security, you can trust Cubet solutions. We will provide you with professional security solutions and robust security cover using AI.

We will ensure that your data remains safe and your business stays unaffected by hack attacks. Using AI capabilities, we can help you spot potential threats before they damage the system.

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