How can React JS help reduce the development cost?

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How can React JS help reduce the development cost?

The mobile app development industry is taking a productivity spurt with the increasing number of smartphone users. Reports reveal a 99% of the global market share captured by Google Android and Apple iOS. At the onset, businesses would prefer cost-effective app development models. Here, cross-platform application development frameworks prove to be the most viable solution. It liberates developers and companies from the hassles of re-coding and hiring another developer for each platform.

With the availability of numerous cross-platform application development frameworks in the market, React Native leads the chart in terms of quality and system integration. According to latest report by Statista, React.js overtook jQuery to become the most used web framework among software developers worldwide, as of 2021. The survey reveals a 40.14 percent of respondents using React.js.. The 2020 reports by Statista show 42% of developers prefered React Native over other technology frameworks for creating smart mobile applications.

Find out below how did React-Native become so popular in terms of delivering cost-effective results with no compromise in quality. 

How can ReactJs serve as a cost-effective model for mobile application development?

React Native is an open-source framework that has some amazing features such as a shorter learning curve, third-party component library, fast reload, and quick development process. Tech giants such as Tesla, Facebook, Skype, etc. choose React Native over other technologies. Read below how does it remain lighter on the pocket for the businesses. 

  • Quick Development process

Developing a mobile application for two different platforms can turn out to be time-consuming and a challenging task for the business. To avoid such unnecessary costs on the development of two different mobile apps, React Js can come to the rescue. Developers can liberate themselves from re-writing the entire code from the scratch for the platforms.

With ReactJs they can compile the data for two different platforms by selecting its type from the options. And as a result, a lot of time saved can be utilized for other productive work.

  • Low and Easy Maintenance Cost

Launching an app is not the only end task. Post-launch, a lot of things matter such as doing updates and bug fixes. Generally, applications get updated by submitting the code and application version to the application store. Further, they review and provide approvals.

In the case of React Js, developers get empowered to update applications from the remote with meager interruptions on the app usage. Hence, the app maintenance task becomes easier, less time-consuming, and beneficial. Users need not download updated versions of the application from the play store. The entire app versioning feature gets eliminated leading to lower maintenance cost

  • Component Reusability

For developers, reusability is highly desirable as it creates a considerable difference in terms of cost for developing applications. As the time and resources are saved, the developers get enough space to spend more time on bringing innovations to their products and services.

React Js and its cross-platform nature helps the developers reuse their components within both the platforms, that is Android and iOS. The javascript code needs to be written only once and further it gets directly compiled and reused for the other. And this is how development companies reduce costs and improve profitability.

  • Real-time Testing

With the Fast Refresh feature, React Js enables real-time testing of the applications. The feature facilitates in increasing speed of the development process. This becomes so easy and flexible enough to adopt the changes in the app codebase.

React Js can manage refreshing, testing, and compilation of the entire application as per the schedule. Every single change rolled out gets incorporated automatically. The change gets reflected in the application in no time.

  • Seamless Integration

React Js can surpass the major compatibility challenge while developing a mobile application. Known for its amazing native app functionality, it rescues the developers from the hassles of integration of two applications. Offering a seamless app integration, React Js does not jeopardize the app performance and ensures developers remain stress-free. Hence, cost-effective.

  • No need for Additional resources

Several factors need to be considered for app development, such as the required platform, hiring skillful developers, codebase maintenance for each application, and much more. Being a cross-platform framework, React Native simplifies processes. There is no usage of additional resources for creating separate applications and codebase for different operating systems. The same resources can be used for all operating systems. Hence, separate developers are not needed.

  • Wide range of react-native component libraries

React Js comprises a massive UI component library. The developers can use third-party libraries as well. This lessens the workload, time, and effort of developers. Hence, they can focus on the quality of the app development with pre-existing components from the libraries themselves. 

Wrapping Up

Applications are here to stay in the future with the business leveraging its benefits. Companies are on the move to create applications that can empower global visibility and increase market potential. But a mere creation of an application won’t fetch desired results. Compatibility, cost-effectiveness, highly functional, and expertise are some of the most important features needed in the application to get better results.

ReactJs can be the best for empowering your business. Stand out in the market by harnessing the complete power of this framework. At Cubet, our React Js developers are highly qualified experts working on similar projects. They create apps that are innovative and productive. Reach out to our experts and hire a React Native developer.

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