Flat Design vs Material Design

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Flat Design vs Material Design

Flat and material design styles have always been a hot topic about which you can have a prolonged discussion, provided you are a designer of course. Even though these are similar design styles, one has been speculated to becoming conventional while the other is considered to be the next visual best thing. Flat design has been enjoying the limelight for the past couple of years, however, lately we came across the concept of material design which is speculated to be the latest fad.

Flat design

Flat design was became popular in no time and it was really used with respect to the functionality. one of the top features associated with flat design is that it’s abides by the functionality for which was crafted. This results in higher loading speed, ideal visual experience irrespective of the screen resolution. Therefore, user and designer satisfaction is always guaranteed with flat design style.

Pros of Flat Design

1. Flat Design is Trendy
2. Simple Mobile Interface
3. Bright Colour Sets a Mood
4. Focus on Great Typography
5. Visuals are Sharp and Clean
6. Flat Design Discourages Boredom Decoration

Material design

According to Google, material is the metaphor.
Material design is a style that is crafted to mimic the working of real world things. However, the design style as a whole, simplifies the whole concept.

Flat Vs Material Design

Flat design is characterised by the eradication of the elements of realism leaving behind a simplified design. This may be ideal for graphic design or when designing icons, logos etc. However, when it comes to web design, which is associated with frequent user interactions, we need additional elements that is not often available from a flat design style.


  • The additional elements added brings in a new dimensions which enables users to easily understand the hierarchy.
  • With material design, irrespective of the device that we are designing you are bound to find readily usable processing standards for every detail.

Flat and material design styles can be compared to that of two sides of the same coin. You can never say that one outsmarts the other completely.

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