Do You Need a Separate iOS App for Your Business?

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Do You Need a Separate iOS App for Your Business?

With many people using mobiles for browsing, mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop browsing. More than 45% of the internet traffic comes from mobile. 

Plus, mobile applications are the best way to reach customers and provide them with the top services. With time, the accessibility of mobile applications has changed, and even small businesses create applications to stay connected to their customers. 

The most important question is ‘Which platform is the best for your business app – Native or hybrid iOS? 

iOS comprises more than 59% of the market share in the U.S. Having a business iOS app will assist you in communicating with users worldwide. And as a business owner, you can utilize the iOS app for business as it has available features to reach your target customers. 

Mobile app development services can help you leverage all the features of iOS apps to grow, thrive, and impart the best user experience for your business. So let’s talk about the need to have an exclusive iOS app for your business and its many benefits. 

Why do you need a separate iOS app for your business?  Let’s see the difference between Native and Hybrid apps.


What is a Native app?


Native app works on a specific platform and is created to operate on a specific mobile operating system like iOS or android. Native apps give enhanced performance and leverage the latest technology like image processing in contrast to the mobile cloud app. 

Native apps are designed in the code used for mobile devices. For instance, the developers code the iOS app using Objective C or Swift code. 

Native apps have a high degree of accuracy and quick execution that saves developers time. It also enables the users to get access to the native user interface. However, a native app written for iOS does not work on other platforms. 

Native apps offer a wide range of features since it leverages the potential of the device. The software performance is responsive compared to other apps. Additionally, it comes with push notification functionality and a user interface that matches the user experience of iOS devices. The quality of native apps is assured to the ratings on the app store. 

Native apps are reliable and simple, and the best choice for business iOS apps. As it supports both offline and online operations, it provides complete flexibility. The app is easy to deploy and offers interface customization. 

Native apps maintain the aspect ratio that helps to improve the quality of images and graphics. In addition, native SDKs can maintain the device features without the complexities of different native plugins. It simplifies the whole development management process. In short, native apps are native to the platform that is developed. 

What is a Hybrid app?


The hybrid application combines the elements of – both native apps and web apps. The app is coded using the web technology language like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, which are condensed into the native app. 

It works like a web app installed on a mobile device like a native app. With the help of API, you can retain complete access to the mobile device features. Native apps can work offline, but hybrid apps don’t offer this functionality. 

Hybrid apps are mostly referred to as mobile computing, a technology that enables the transmission of voice, data, and video through a wireless-enabled device. Plus, it involves mobile communication with hardware and software. 

Hybrid apps functions offline irrespective of whether the device has an internet connection or not. They integrate with web-based service file systems and features of the operating system. Hybrid apps are developed at a faster pace, and they involve a lesser development process. Additionally, they include an embedded browser that can provide access to dynamic online content. 

Hybrid apps can be managed effortlessly, and that’s the reason they are preferred by most brands. The apps have a cross-platform user interface and work on a single code base system for many platforms, including iOS. 

Hybrid apps can achieve a performance-based acceleration similar to native apps. Additionally, the apps have a ‘one for all’ build feature that can save effort in building different versions of the iOS app. The development teams don’t have to work individually on the development part of the app. 

Native vs Hybrid app 


  • Native apps have complete access to the hardware platform, but hybrid apps don’t. If you need to use the features of camera and geolocation, a native application is a better choice for you. 
  • Hybrid applications are dependent on internet connectivity to some extent, but native apps can work without an internet connection. 
  • Hybrid apps are better for searching different content, but both the apps work on online and offline support for searching the content.
  • Native and hybrid apps must be first installed on your device and given the device permission. However, native apps have a better speed than hybrid apps.
  • After each new update, the native app needs to be re-hosted in the iOS app store. Hybrid applications automatically update the content and page. 
  • Hybrid apps are cost-effective and don’t take time in the development part. Also, Hybrid apps are easier to maintain as they work on a single code function. Native apps have multiple codes based that can cater to different platforms. 
  • Native apps are designed for the app store and provide with best user experience. Additionally, the apps consider different hardware capabilities and screen sizes. Hybrid apps work on a single code, so it is impossible to provide a good user experience. 
  • For all the businesses that wish to launch a paid app in the store, a native app is a right choice. The user interface of a native app is better than a hybrid app. For free apps, hybrid is a better option. Though this decision depends on the business type and based on the platform, making a decision is easier. 



You can find the best iOS app development company for creating a native or iOS hybrid business app. See what customer value they offer and check out the pricing policies. Check out the portfolio and the types of iOS apps they have developed for customers. 

Also, read the testimonials and then choose the company. Having an iOS business app is significant, so go ahead and develop one for your business. 

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