Digits: The Supreme Means to Grow Your Application

  • Cubettech
  • Web App Development
  • 9 years ago

Mobile and web applications are gaining popularity with time so are mobile application development companies. The present day people spend a good amount of time on the web interacting and purchasing goods and services. This is one of the reasons why you observe each and every businessmen out there aiming to launch an application with respect to the related products or services on offer or a standalone app which is formulated based on their concept that they think will be successful.

It is vital that you define your goals prior to launching any application irrespective of its type. However, never think that your job is finished once the application is launched, it is important to understand or foresee the fact that people can easily lose interest in your app and click away even for silly reasons, need one? I’m sure that at any point of life, you might have signed up for an application, forgotten all about it and tried signing in a few weeks or months later, now, what’s the immediate concern or barrier that stands between you and the post-login page? Yes, you can picture the password in your mind, but it is still in stars and you don’t even remember whether you used the mail id or any of the rocking usernames that you used for several application signups in the past. But yes, you are likely to find a ‘forgot password/username’ option to reset these logins, now this is simple enough, or is it? What if you had a simpler means to retrieve or reset these forgotten logins?   Getting curious, are you? This is where the concept or rather the reality, Digits earn the spotlight.

The concept of Digits is really simple; this innovative technology is formulated in such a manner as to eliminate the need of sharing your social history, password/username for the cause of signing up or downloading an application. Literally transformed, you would be given the privilege to sign up for an app or download it using an identity that you use on a daily basis. For instance, by integrating Digits with your application, the users of your app can sign up or login in using a confirmation code that they will receive as text after entering their mobile number. This eliminates the concerns of SPAM and thereby the need for using CAPTCHAs or similar security measures. Furthermore, you also don’t need to have any concerns regarding signup failures or even save some bucks that should be otherwise spend for the cause ‘support’.

Digits can be the ideal solution to making your app-signup a user friendly process. You can easily integrate digits with your application with a few simple lines of code. This innovation even lets you customize the sub logos and colors on the onboarding flow, so that it looks native with the application.

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