Cubethon ‘23: Bridging the Gap from College to Business

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Cubethon ‘23: Bridging the Gap from College to Business

Cubethon ’23 is bigger and better than ever before! Cubet is partnering with Nasscom, the premier trade body and chamber of commerce of the Tech industry in India, to bring you an unforgettable and valuable experience. 

Calling all tech-savvy students! Are you ready to put your skills to the test and showcase your creativity? Then sign up for Cubethon ’23, the biggest student hackathon in Kerala!

This year’s theme is “Bridging the Gap from College to Business.” We’re focused on fostering entrepreneurial skills among students and empowering them to transform their ideas into market-ready solutions. Cubethon ’23 will be a platform for students to unleash their creative potential and nurture their entrepreneurial mindset. We strongly believe that this event will pave the way for future products, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

At Cubet, we are gearing up to make Cubethon ‘23 an extraordinary experience where students get a chance to experience the industry and work in a collaborative work environment with Cubet engineers. 

We invite all students across India with an IT background to register for Cubethon ’23. Let Cubethon be the launching pad for your extraordinary journey from college to the next level of entrepreneurship.


The Purpose behind Cubethon

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back to society. As a technology company with 15 years of experience in the industry, we believe that the best way to do this is by empowering the next generation of innovators. That’s why we’re excited to launch Cubethon, a platform for students to test their ideas, solve problems, and unleash their innovative potential.

We are making Cubethon a unique value proposition for Students where they can;

Test their ideas and get feedback from industry experts.

Solve real-world problems with the help of other talented students.

Unleash their innovative potential and make a difference in the world.

We are committed to supporting qualified ideas and teams, and we will provide guidance and mentorship to help them transform their ideas into successful businesses.

Cubethon is our way of giving back to society and making a positive impact on the world. We believe that the next generation of innovators is here, and we are excited to help them make their mark.

Register for Cubethon today and start your journey to becoming a changemaker!


Features of Cubethon

Here’s why you can’t afford to miss Cubethon ‘23:

  • Primary Support: Cubet has partnered with Nasscom, the beacon of the tech industry, to create a powerhouse of support for budding entrepreneurs. Together, we’re committed to empowering students to transform their ideas into successful tech startups that redefine the world.
  • Idea Ignition: Cubethon is more than just a competition. It’s a launchpad for your innovative ideas. This is your chance to put your innovative concepts to the test, challenge the status quo, and watch them take flight.
  • Cubet Mentorship: Cubethon offers invaluable mentorship and guidance from industry experts. Each participating team will be paired with an experienced professional who will provide guidance and support from start to finish. These mentors have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and they will help teams refine their ideas, overcome challenges, and elevate their projects to excellence.
  • Access to state of the art resources, tools and technologies:  At Cubethon, we believe in equipping you with the best resources to bring your idea to life. We offer access to state-of-the-art technologies, cutting-edge tools, and a vast array of resources that will enable you to present and develop a new solution.
  • Workshops and masterclasses by renowned entrepreneurs: Cubethon ’23 offers a series of workshops and masterclasses conducted by renowned entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the world of technology and innovation. Through their guidance and insights, you will gain invaluable knowledge, practical skills, and a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship.
  • Pitching session to showcase your idea: At Cubethon ’23, we provide a platform for you to showcase your ideas and innovations to potential investors. You will have the opportunity to take the stage and deliver a compelling pitch that will win over the audience. 


Make use of the opportunity to transform your ideas into formidable startups!


The Cubethon event

Cubethon will be a two-day event. The first day will be dedicated to the hackathon, where participants will engage in a live coding session to develop a proof-of-concept (POC). The POCs will be analyzed and evaluated, and the qualifying teams will advance to the finale. The finale will be an offline event, where the finalist teams will have the opportunity to present their ideas and POCs before a panel of experts. The winners will be announced on the same day.


Prize, Funding and Exposure 

Cubethon’23 offers not only tangible rewards but also invaluable recognition and exposure. Your outstanding innovations will be celebrated with the following:


  • Prizes: We believe in recognizing and celebrating outstanding talent. Cubethon ’23 brings you the chance to win exciting prizes including cash prizes that will validate your hard work and refine your ideas further. 


  • Seed Funding: Cubethon ’23 offers a seed funding pool of ₹10 lakhs (Rupees Ten Lakhs) to eligible ideas. Ideas that qualify for seed funding will move to a startup phase, where they can access incubators and further seed funding.

Here are the eligibility criteria for the seed funding:

The idea must be innovative and have the potential to solve a real-world problem.

The team must have a strong business plan and a clear roadmap for execution.

The team must be passionate about their idea and be able to convincingly articulate the market success of their idea to the panel of experts.


  • Unparalleled exposure: Your ideas deserve the spotlight they crave. Cubethon ’23 provides an unparalleled platform to showcase your innovations to a diverse audience of industry leaders, fellow tech enthusiasts, and the general public. 


Registration Details 

Registration for Cubthon ’23 is now open. However, before you apply, you must know the eligibility criteria. Here’s everything you need to know:



The event is open to any graduate or postgraduate students across India with IT backgrounds. 

Whether pursuing a degree in computer science engineering or an IT-related field, ensure you are enrolled in an Indian Institute only.  

You can only apply as a team of a minimum of 3 members or a maximum of 5 members.


How to Apply? 

To register for the Cubethon ’23, click the Registration Link and follow the steps.

Fill out the registration form carefully with all the required details and documents. 

The event dates will be announced shortly!

So, now that you know what’s coming up, gather your tech-savvy team who would be a perfect fit for Cubethon ’23 and join the exhilarating event. 

See you there!

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