You must read this to compare Node js with other frameworks

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You must read this to compare Node js with other frameworks

Similar to that, Node.js is an Open Source, back-end, cross-platform, and JavaScript runtime environment that builds scalable applications. It applies an event-driven, non-blocking I/O paradigm for creating multiplayer tools, real-time web applications, social media apps, and virtual emulators. 

Let’s discuss a few other Node js frameworks for an in-depth understanding- 


Express.js is a fast, flexible, and minimalistic node js web development framework that can design single page, multi-page, and hybrid applications with a set of robust features. This is popular for rapid prototyping and agile development that supports start-ups with a seamless architecture. 


  • It is customizable 
  • Enables modular design and maintainable code
  • Comes with a multitude of middlewares, and a convenient HTTP utility method.

Have you ever seen score tickets on the website? How are they built? is one of the most popular node JS web development framework designed for building real-time applications. 

It enables the communication between a browser and Node.js server for creating neat things on the website. This framework also supports a host of features like disconnection detection, multiplexing, auto-reconnection, and others. 


  • It offers real-time analytics 
  • Enables socket management and socket authentication 
  • Facilitates with the event encoding


Do you want to develop modern web and mobile applications? Meteor JS could be the best choice. Also, it contributes to improving performance since it comes with real-time features. 

So, whatever changes are made in the web application, you can update your template with the latest edits. It is integrated with Mongo DB for automatically propagating the changes, enabling developers to write any synchronization code.


  • It has an integrated frontend with a backend 
  • Ensures user authentication and accounts 
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, web, and desktop 


Koa.JS is the next generation web framework for Node.js that builds smaller and more expressive web applications. Developed and maintained by the creators of Express.js, Koa.js is a very lightweight framework. 

It employs async functions to resolve the error handling and callback hell related problems. Hire web developers now to speed up the development of custom web applications and application programming interfaces (APIs).


  • It includes component-based building blocks
  • Offers a huge variety of customizable options 
  • Middlewares are more cascaded to make every code line elegant 


Sails.js is a real-time MVC development framework that supports API development, modern and data-driven web applications. Inspired by Ruby on Rails, it also builds a single page, real-time apps, and REST APIs. 

This framework is bundled with ORM that makes compatibility possible across many projects with almost all frontend technologies like Backbone, React, Android/java, Angular, and many more.


  • It does not need extra routing
  • Suitable for real-time features like chats 
  • It has an easy WebSocket integration and auto-generated REST APIs

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