The Ultra Mode of a Backend Development Company

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The Ultra Mode of a Backend Development Company

Role of backend development in a project

The success of any software development project is majorly dependent on the expertise, skills, and knowledge of the company’s backend development team. The back-end developers are responsible to develop state-of-the-art software products that can transform their customers’ business by value-adding into their investments.

Usually, the role of the backend developers is to write the web services and APIs that are used by the front-end developers and mobile application developers. A backend development company has to take care of the server-side web application logic and integration of the front-end part.

Overall, the basic responsibilities of the backend development company involve writing APIs, creating libraries, writing codes to interact with a database, and working on the business data architecture.

Which popular technologies are used for backend development?

Backend development companies seek to develop logical web applications. This further requires a deeper understanding of the technologies that can be used for a given business domain. Besides, an analytical approach towards finding appropriate solutions that are suitable for business requirements is also required.

Some of the leading technologies used by successful backend development companies are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) such as Neural networks.

For full-stack web application development, some popular technologies such as PHP, Java, Laravel, NodeJS, Ruby, VueJS, NuxtJS, HTML, and Javascript are used widely.

To develop hybrid, native, and cross-platform mobile applications, backend development companies work with some leading mobile technologies such as Native iOS, Native Android, Flutter, Kotlin, and Phonegap.

Besides, backend development companies build up smart connected applications that can leverage enough power of sensors and beacons. In recent times, they create smart applications that provide seamless possibilities that can be accessed with ease. This happens by adopting some of the high potential technologies such as C, C++, Java, and Python.

What are the Do’s and Dont’s of a Backend Development Company?

It involves a considerable amount of dedication and grit to become a successful backend development company. Such companies take pride in handling app development challenges and making smart decisions. They follow the best practices in their work environment that ensure long-term relationships with their customers.

Good Practices that can be followed

  • Customer-Centric Approach

One of the good practices followed by backend development companies is to perform every task in a given project in a manner that serves the purpose of the clients’ objective and drives sustainable business growth.

  • Providing Need-Based Solutions

You can provide your clients with valuable solutions that lead to the fulfillment of their business needs. This involves a thorough analysis and a wide clarity of their requirements.

  • Time-bound Goal Plans

One of the notable signs of a successful backend development company is their teamwork on well-integrated time-bound plans. This ensures timely delivery of their services as each goal is quantified and fine-tuned with several short cycles leading to a usable application.

  • Regular Work Reviews

Your company must ensure to conduct a bi-weekly review of software working conditions. You must openly discuss the same with your customers. This practice builds authenticity and reliability in your services rendered to your customers.

  • Share Knowledge with Collaborations

As a backend development company, your knowledge of the domain proves to be a powerful resource that can be shared to build a healthy network. Your company’s ideas must serve as valuable solutions to your customers and working partners.

  • Well-Defined Business Approach

This practice becomes very essential as it reflects upon your entire team activity. As a backend development company, your actions must be well integrated with your goals, vision, and mission. The company’s core business philosophy must be well-defined and actionable.

  • Build Trust & Transparency with stakeholders

To ensure that your work environment remains healthy and creative, you need to practice the value of trusting each other and adopting open communication with your staff and colleagues. It is a highly good practice to develop a positive and collaborative environment where the ideas of each staff are welcomed. This in turn transforms into winning customers’ trust in your work.

However, a few time-tested practices should be avoided by every backend development company to prevent the hurdles towards developing a successful work environment.

Bad Practices that must be avoided

  • Avoid Unreasonable Deadlines

In case you always land up extending your deadlines to finish up with your project, it can be the bad practice of taking up unreasonable and unrealistic deadlines. Moreover, it impacts in several ways such as it builds up bad company reputation, frequent changes in your project, improper planning and research, and escalating costs of handling the entire project.

  • Adopting Over-engineering techniques

This reflects especially not following the fundamental rules of coding. There are a lot of tasks that affect the project severely if not detected at an early stage. Tasks such as using long methods, incorrectly naming variables, zero documentation, etc. can create several issues. A lot of time gets wasted along with bearing huge costs of running such projects that turn out to be tedious and cumbersome at a later stage.

  •  Ignoring the Timely Tests of the development

This bad practice can harm the chain of the entire project in terms of violating the testing principle. Missing out on even a single test can increase the number of bugs over some time. A healthy practice such as Bug Fixing can be adopted immediately here.

  • Leaving Out Static Code Analysis

Some developers hastily push the codes to the default branch before using importing analytic tools such as ESLint. Such bad coding practices can hamper the code maintenance task.

  • Using Multiple Tools and Libraries

One of the wrong practices that should not be adopted by backend development companies is being inconsistent with their technologies. This results in high maintenance costs and can invite several troubles in the future. It is rather suggested to use the same technology for a given project based on the project type.

  • Skipping over the Automatic Production Database Backup

Handling operations manually and bugs is a bad practice that brings a negative impact on the entire production database. It can create other problems such as data deletions. All this happens because the company misses out on the automatic backup practice. If there is no backup, there are very low chances of database recovery.

Signs of a Good Backend Developer

A successful backend developer ensures a smooth transition of the customers’ journey towards the digital transformation

A good backend developer has a great command over various programming languages. Also, he can integrate with a database, CMS tool, and observes the inner logic of the project as a whole.

The biggest indication of a good backend developer is to understand how to connect all the dots.

What can be the Efficient Backend solutions that are used by a backend development company?

Backend development companies are meant to provide dynamic and exceptional solutions to the customers that can create a smooth digital transformation. At Cubet, every aspect of customers’ business and market scenario is observed to create good design principles. Customers are benefitted from positive experiences and profitable processes.

Some of the most efficient and scalable solutions that a successful backend development company would render to their customers are;

  • Back-end for Webapps

In recent times, well-experienced backend development companies have moved ahead with technology advancements. The static websites are replaced with marvelous features. At Cubet, we bring a revolutionary change by designing web applications that can create accounts, run calculations, submit access-query data, and can provide analytics for decision making.

  • Data Storage Backend App

At Cubet, our developers design a creative backend app that enables the storage of relevant data in systematic distributed database systems. Also, it allows data scaling up and down as and when required.

  • Database Programming

Reputed backend development companies ensure to provide robust database programming solutions. At Cubet, we help to integrate data and its fast access to the clients’ users with the usage of the latest technologies.

  • API Integration and Deployment

Backend development companies like us, have been using advanced API tools that help to create and deploy application programming interfaces in a secure and scalable environment. Our robust API integration system enables interaction between data, applications, and devices bringing strong connectivity between devices and programs.

  • Cloud Migration

This is one of the topmost ranges of solutions that can be provided for the migration of the backend system. At Cubet, we provide a wide range of cloud computing services that enables data integration and makes it a part of the Internet of Things.

Final Thoughts

The future of back-end development companies is phenomenal, ever-changing, and revolutionary. With the introduction of some highly robust and efficient technologies such as AI, IoT, Virtual Reality, motion user interface, and voice commands, the web development world is going to create an immense influence on businesses.

However, countless backend development companies provide various software technology solutions to their clients’ businesses. It becomes very important for any business to find out whether the chosen backend development company is following the right coding practices. Besides, the following aspects need to be considered while choosing an ideal backend development company for your business.

  • Potential to understand the needs of the clients’ business requirements
  • Strong Business domain knowledge
  • Highly experienced development team with analysts and thinkers
  • Ability to deliver demanding applications in a time-efficient manner
  • Adopting the latest technologies for the development projects
  • Transparent work culture

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