Are you using JavaScript technologies? Top 5 things to expect in 2018

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Are you using JavaScript technologies? Top 5 things to expect in 2018

According to Stack Overflow reports for 2017, JavaScript (JS) was the most popular technology among developers in 2017. And according to IBM, it is one of the best programming languages to learn. JS forms the major pillar in building quick web applications along with HTML and CSS.

Below here we have summarised the top 5 trends to expect in 2018, if you are a fan of JS technologies.

1. Undoubtedly, jQuery will lead it


Fig: Stack Overflow Trends (source: Stack Overflow)

The Stack Overflow Trends graph clearly shows that jQuery was the top trending JavaScript technology for the year and had the maximum interest from users. While React gained much popularity among developers last year, it still could not beat jQuery. jQuery is a lightweight and easy-to-use JavaScript Library with fast web development capabilities. It has a strong developer and user community. This indicates that jQuery will still maintain its lead in 2018 while other technologies like React will continue its race and attain much popularity among the developers as well as enterprises.

      2.  Vue.js is catching up with React

The rising star Vue.js has over 63,000 GitHub stars and about 658, 000 downloads per month. Now, this is appreciable for a JavaScript technology introduced only in 2016. Compared to React, Vue.js is easy to learn and is quite considered as an alternative to React and Angular. Vue.js is a lightweight MVC framework and works on pure JavaScript. Hence, there is a strong potential for Vue.js to get React and Angular out of its way in 2018.

3.  React.js is the Popular JavaScript


Fig: Job Popularity of JavaScript technologies (source:

Whether it’s the developer’s community or the job seekers community, React is causing all the hype in the JavaScript world.  From the graph, it is clear the React has bypassed jQuery in the job popularity list. The future of React looks quite promising and a lot more heads are turning towards React for job opportunities lately. Its versatile User Interface features have made it the fastest growing JavaScript framework with about 1,000 contributors in the GitHub.

     4. Ember.js looks promising

Ember.js is still in the game. In the year 2015, it was announced as the best JavaScript framework. If LinkedIn used Ember.js for its online portal, then we are in no doubt that Embre.js still holds a chance to make it in 2018. With its huge community and regular updates, Ember.js will be a widely used application for creating feature-rich web applications.

     5. Progressive Web App (PWA) is the next big thing

Applications that are built as regular websites but showcase the functionality of traditional or native mobile apps like PWA’s are the future of web development. JavaScript libraries and tools offer PWA development at a faster rate compared to other web development technologies. These apps are quite compatible with React, Polymer and JS module bundler like Webpack.

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