Angular14 Is Out with Tons of Great Features!

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Angular14 Is Out with Tons of Great Features!

What is new in Angular 14?

It is finally here for all the developers waiting for the new version of Angular. Angular 14 has been released with many recent updates and features to make the development process more manageable. However, the latest version of Angular was launched in June with pre-planned upgrades that you should know. 

You can expect updates on type forms and stand-alone components in the version. Developers who were new to Angular had difficulty understanding the framework. But with the latest update, things would be easier to comprehend. Moreover, to make things simple, the Angular team has introduced stand-alone components. 

Three big things to know about 

You can expect better typing in the Angular forms, which will impact the reactive forms type model. The type system is compatible with other versions of Angular, which will help the developers for web app development.

The feature will not cause regression of any kind. The feature will also allow the developers to find issues during the development time and improve type checking. 

You can expect independent component modules that act as units of reuse. The component will work outside the scope of the module. Additionally, it will have micro front-end support in its central network. 

Is the micro front-end supported in the version?

Continuing from the above point, developers were looking forward to the micro front-end support. Web pack has approached the future after the introduction of the module federation. It helps to have multiple builds in a single application. The team from the Nx also integrates the command line, which makes it easier to bootstrap the front-end applications. 

The most critical aspect is that the tools perfectly combine with the Angular architecture. However, such support will require a large feature. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the micro front-end setup in the version before development.

New features:

1. Typed reactive forms

Angular 14 takes care of the GitHub issue in the earlier versions. It implements strict typing for the Angular reactive forms. Additionally, it improves the modern-driven approach for the Angular framework that works smoothly with the forms. 

The form control works on the generic type that carries a specific value. But the team has added auto migration in v14, guaranteeing that applications will not break during upgrades. 

2. Stand-alone components

With the latest version, stand-alone components will be possible. The framework has requested comments on the stand-alone components to make the Ng module optional. 

All the modules will be retired in the latest update, and will also become optional, which will help maintain the compatibility with the existing Angular-based applications and ecosystem. However, the components must be there in the declarations array. 

3. Enhanced templates diagnosis

Angular 14 has a templates diagnosis feature that protects the developers from mistakes when it matches the typescript code. In the earlier versions of Angular, there was no warning generated by the compiler. 

Also, if it fails to develop, it would come with a restricted issue. Warnings can be developed for issues like the use of unnecessary operators or two-way binding systems. Additionally, diagnostic tests are allowed with the private compiler mode that would give information for using templates. 

4. CLI auto-completion

You can use many commands in the framework, which is a great benefit. However, as a new developer, you must visit the official website or guide to scrutinize the commands. With the Angular 14 launch, this is not needed. It delivers the latest feature in the CLI, which permits the real-time type with auto-completion in the terminal. 

5. Streamlined page title resolver

When you develop different applications, all the content will be visible on the page title. In the earlier version of Angular 13, adding the titles was streamlined with the fresh route and title property in the Angular router. In version 14, you don’t have added imports needed to resolve the issue. You can directly add the title to your page without the imports. 

6. Angular dev tools are present online

The best part about Angular is the dev tools. Most developers use the tools regularly, and in the latest version 14, the dev tools are present online. You can employ Angular dev tools in debugging extensions online. The extension is present under the add-ons. It provides complete support to the developers using the framework. 

7. Environment initialize

A lazy module instance is created in the method, where the application can be bootstrapped. Here the module creates an instance that makes a huge difference. With the feature, you can use a route provider, not a lazy load feature. It does make a difference in the way you initialize the setup. 

8. Build-in enhancement

Angular 14 backs the typescript 4.7, which targets the ES2020 by default. It also permits the CLI to deploy the small code without devaluating it. Moreover, it helps to link different component members from the template. With the feature, you can get complete control over the public API surface of the framework. 

9. Route providers

You can get rid of the Ng modules because of different stand-alone components, but what about the actual providers? Angular 14 allows you to add a provider to the router config. It is simple as it will be provided once the user hits the route. 

10. Inject functions

This feature is different from the earlier versions of Angular. You can mention an optional injector via the view container feature. You can use the TemplateRef.createEmbeddedView when developing the different embedded views. It can make significant changes to the way you create the applications.

How can you upgrade to Angular 14?

Start by cloning the project from GitHub, and identify the used Angular version in your project. Now, you will see the feature of upgrade in the project. Select update from Angular 13 to v14. Once it is updated, you can use the framework. 

Don’t just get stuck with the earlier version of Angular and update to Angular 14 to reap its features. 

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