Agile Testing Challenges (Overcoming Quality, Process, and Team Issues)

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Agile Testing challenges Overcoming Common IssuesThe quality of products is the greater demand in any software testing. But the constant increase in various devices, testing tools and methodologies and other factors are not making things a bit easier. This could be made easier by adapting agile which is very popular in IT now. Through Agile, organizations can collaborate with their customers by delivering live and working software to them.

Agile Testing Methodology

Despite all the bonuses agile projects provides a software tester, they will be encountering all following difficulties hence have to find ways of overcoming them.

It is often a challenge to track the speed as well as number changes in user requirements, stories or code. Changing requirements has always been a challenge for agile testing.

Defects should be detected at the earliest possible. This will reduce the time and cost spent for a project.  This could be achieved by testing the critical functionalities everyday to find the missed error routines easily.

Bottlenecks (performance issues) are also a rather new challenge hence applications are becoming more advanced.

API tests require really strong coding skills not all testers possess. The API testing process can be simplified  via different tools.

 Series of tests should be run against every new build if you are looking for quality in your product under development.

Some of the high level Testing challenges in Agile

Insufficient requirement documents (details of requirements in brief)

Constant changes in the requirements which makes the tester miss some new functionalities to cover during the tests.

Lack of time to prepare test cases/use cases for these constant changes in the requirements.

Insufficient regression testing time.

It is inevitable for the agile team to be on a continuous testing spree to acquire and maintain the features as expected.  So as to overcome most of the agile testing challenges the best way to do is testing through automation.

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