Advantages and Disadvantages of Angular 5 and its implementation

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Angular 5 and its implementation

Advantages and Disadvantages of Angular 5 and its implementation

Dynamic web applications need the best framework and Angular is any developer’s first choice. The latest version of Angular is the Angular 5, announced on November 01, 2017. This version of Angular 5 has a lot more in stock compared to its previous versions.

Do you think Angular 5 is going to be better than its previous versions? Let’s hear it from Cubet’s team of Angular experts, who have delivered over 20+ successful Angular projects for various clients in the western markets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Angular 5

What we loved about the new Angular version!

  • Angular 5 is faster, lighter and easier. It is built with the purpose to create faster performance applications that are smaller in size and easier to develop.
  • With the new version, bug fixes and a bundle of performance improvement features are ready to boost its performance.
  • The Build Optimizer, a new tool included in the CLI, reduces the size of the production bundles and boosts the application speed. It also removes the decorators from the application’s run time code which is not required then.
  • With the Ahead-of-time (AOT) compiler on by default and optimized for faster rendering and fewer asynchronous requests, it detects template errors and also, reduces the app download sizes.
  • The watch mode only compiles what is necessary and whenever compilation is required.
  • It is easier to build Progressive Web Applications with enhanced UI using Angular 5. Moreover, application testing and code debugging become easier with it.
  • A new HTTP Client is introduced that is smaller in size and easier to use.
  • In terms of functionality and syntax, the Angular Form Validations has new features that further contribute to enhanced performance.
  • No longer relying on the web browser for number, date and currency! Angular 5 has internationalized number, data and currency in the pipes.
  • The new Angular Universal Transfer API and DOM Support makes it easier to share app state between server and client versions. This improves application performance and developers are free from the hassle of creating additional HTTP requests for each side.
  • Angular 5 supports the latest version of TypeScript, that is, version 2.4.

What didn’t we like?

Angular 5 is a complete package that is created with the purpose to deliver the fastest applications with an easier background. And it has stayed true to its word! Although it seems a bit difficult to switch from one version to another like it was in previous cases, Angular 5 is still a potential competitor to other popular technologies like React. We are still in an early stage to talk about its demerits. Let’s just leave it until the next blog comes up. Stay tuned!

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