5 Ways Big data Will Change Human Resource

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5 Ways Big data Will Change Human Resource

Big Data is the term circling around the industries nowadays. The historical data needed to solve complex human-machine problems is increasing daily. The complexity lies in searching and picking the correct data for analysis from the diverse data sets. Once the data is analyzed, the challenge includes storage and privacy for sharing the data. HR service interface systems are important in any business to maintain the workforce. Once the system is properly built using analyzed data, expenses can be lowered, productivity will be improved and there is always an upper hand by the executive board to replace HR.

Employee Retention

Big data predictive analytics will help HR to find practical solutions for employee retention. Big data will help to understand the mentality of the workforce and find ways to retain their employees and implement programmes which maintain the work culture and thereby cut down the attrition rate of the employees. In general, employees move towards or stay at organizations where they are properly rewarded. HR with the help of big data optimization techniques can optimize salary charts and prepare rewards for the existing employees and lateral hires as well. The analysis helps in retention and recruitment.

Talent Hiring

Using big data analytics, organizations will be in a great position to transform their hiring process from job description based recruitment to skill set mapped recruitment. This approach narrows down the best possible resources available to be hired. Big data analytics techniques will help to run through the resumes with keywords and skills aligned for the job. Hiring decisions are clinical towards the growth of any organization.

Employee Productivity

Big data analytics techniques help to develop fine-tuned performance metrics. This will help to rate the productivity of the employees. Also, big data helps to improve the workplace conditions and in turn makes way for an employee friendly organization. Any friendly organization will result in higher productivity. Insights received through surveys regarding employee engagement programmes and outings will help in formulating new ideas for optimal productivity and reducing stress.

Knowledge Management

Training and learnings form an integral part of any organization. Big data can do magic in these domains by implementing a simple and smooth transition of knowledge. Employee metrics calculation helps in improving knowledge spectrum of employee training and development. Learnings include staffing, resourcing and project management in addition to technical expertise. Self-serving knowledge management portals will help employees to record the learnings and certifications.


Big data will help the organization to model practices to forecast the future of the organization based on economic and political changes. This data will help to understand the impact of talent hiring, employee retention, and people engagement accordingly. Predictive analysis techniques use historical data and factors affecting productivity to find key-value pairs making the forecasting spot on.

Enhancing the Visibility of the Company   

Big data helps in high scale storytelling and showcasing the company to business partners, leaders of vendors internally and externally. Advanced techniques will provide systemic transparency and improve the image and brand value of the organization. Big data helps in making impactful decisions about their employees and organization. Leadership talents can be understood and grown by analyzing the interests of the employees. With an unbiased prediction technique, big data helps to understand performance and find the right ones to give opportunities and provide mentors to attain success.

Bottom Line

Big data analytics help HR departments to make data-driven decisions about their employees and organization. By using clear search algorithms, storage techniques, and analysis methods, the company can interpret results in keeping the project parameters in line. The companies should invest in HR expertise to improve the productivity of the organization. Automation in the HR department with the help of big data will help in easy identification of managers and candidates for the organization. moving towards a global economic model. Big data analytics will shape the future of HR. Future HR will manage employee success and retention based on data-driven techniques.

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