5 Email Marketing Mistakes & Effective Ways to Avoid Them

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5 Email Marketing Mistakes & Effective Ways to Avoid Them

The email marketing technology is not dead!! If you wish to take this activity to a new level, forget old junk ways of sending unmeaning full emails, with no clear mention of what you exactly want to convey.  As Ian Minnis says “Don’t continue to do what you’ve always done just because it’s easy to do!” Also “Why waste a sentence saying nothing” says Seth Godin. One of the oldest and major exercises of marketing include email campaigns, which could highly influence our customers and keep them updated on latest news, deals, products of our company.

Email marketing activities enable us to focus on every segment of our audience. These services let you spread news about your company and bring in new customers in an efficient and reportable way, for this you’ll need to have an awareness of best practices for designing an email in an uncommon way, frequent reviews on email deliverability, and a flair for developing interesting content that targets distinct audiences.

Getting started:-

Driving results from email marketing campaign is anybody’s dream, to achieve this, you might want to start from scratch:  determine how you’ll send email messages, track responses, and raise the rate of new subscribers. Also, choosing a right email service provider that suits your budget, features and database contacts, plays a vital role.

5 major mistakes in email marketing and ways to overcome:-

1.      Bulk Email Campaign:  We love to have surprises in our inbox, aren’t we? And not just a glimpse for an eye and a successive delete. One of the negative factors about sending bulk emails can lead to “spamming”. The best way in dealing with this issue is to use an appropriate professional email marketing service provider. We can plan a tool that meets our budget, manage email list, create campaigns, deliver and track, send emails at particular schedules etc.

 2.    Poorly Constructed Subject Line:  Writing an applicable subject line is a craft that requires an effective level of imagination as well as careful study. Subject lines all in CAPS, over use of punctuation are unlikely to attract the reader’s attention. Whereas on the other hand short, humorous, shocking, single worded, personalized subject lines always increase the open rate of an email.

 3.     Non Targeted Email List: We often believe that purchasing targeted email lists is an appropriate direction towards increased business. We keep spending our time, energy, money by shooting thousands of emails a day into an empty hole. Do we really think, we are targeting the right recipients? It is always advisable to build a mailing list which is daily updated. We know who will be our target audience simply by investigating about the people who have similar services and if they would be interested in ours. Investing on a right email marketing product is highly essential that will keep you away from spamming. Keep filtering your email list so that you are on the right track.

 4.       Non Responsive Design and Pointless Content: Today most people check their emails on mobiles, and failure to this will often lead to the email on trash. Make sure that your emails can be welcomed on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Send emails describing that you have something special to offer to your potential clients. This could normally include promotional product/services emails with blog post links, newsletters that would be favorable to customers. Structure your emails in a creative, readable and personal way.

 5.       Check Email Reports: This is one of the smallest faults but can hurt your entire efforts. The tools that we use as medium often has options like analyzing clicks, open rates, subscribers etc. Keeping tabs on email reports  embedded with these stats will literally provide you with the option to customize your email list, content or subject.

 Yes, when it comes to email marketing activities, we need to do a lot of researches, studies and continually inspect data and analytics. At the end, what matters is the result. Just ask yourself if you would really open an email that is sent just to prove that the sender exists, and if you really did, would you read it? If the answer is NO, go back and work in a very fresh way as you have more work to do.

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