Whitepaper: Key software development trends to drive business success
The rapidly evolving business world and technology landscape have led to high competition among the enterprises. Most of these enterprises are under high pressure to innovate. Innovation can be in the form of new software or applications with the cap...
Whitepaper: Enterprise Implications & New Trends in AR & VR
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are the two buzz words in the technology domain. Augmented Reality is the augmented or upgraded version of reality, that consists of computer generated or augmented images, placed in a real-world environm...
Whitepaper: Upgrade Your Customer Service with Chatbot
Chatbots are computer programs capable of responding to human queries either via textual or auditory methods. The first chatbot was introduced in the year 1966. Now, chatbots are everywhere around us. From simple grocery bots to messenger platforms, ...
Whitepaper: Solving Real-World Challenges: Data Management in Action
There is a massive amount of data coming from diverse directions and not all of these are utilised effectively.  Usage of this collected data in the right direction is missing in many organizations. This paper covers in detail the challenges face...
Whitepaper: 2018, the year of Hybrid technologies - Angular Native/React Native for Mobility
2018, the year of Hybrid technologies - Angular Native/React Native for Mobility Angular Native and React Native hybrid technologies provide ample features and advantages in app development. Favouring any one of these would not be an effective pro...

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