Digital Maintenance for Smart Manufacturing

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Digital Maintenance for Smart Manufacturing
Digital Maintenance for Smart Manufacturing


A large manufacturing and automation company in Africa


Manufacturing and Automation


The client's maintenance department was using a web portal to maintain a checklist, assign priorities, and allocate roles for different functionalities. However, the client wanted to improve performance metrics, enhance the end-user experience, and enable faster resolution of maintenance issues.


The team needed to develop the mobile application first for Android users and then for iOS users in phases, which required careful planning and coordination.

The team decided to leverage hybrid technology to curb app development time and cost, which presented its own challenges in terms of compatibility and performance optimization.

Translating the functionalities and user interface from a web portal to a mobile application posed challenges in terms of design adaptation and maintaining the same level of functionality.

The app needed to provide push notifications and user alerts to prioritize jobs and inform users about their respective schedules. Implementing this feature required integrating with various notification services and ensuring proper delivery to users.

The app needed to define roles for different professionals and provide individual logins to ensure clarity on assignments and responsibilities. Managing user authentication and access control posed challenges in terms of security and user management.

The team had to develop a comprehensive dashboard that offered a bird's-eye view of the issues, including job status, assigned tasks, and overall progress. Designing and implementing an intuitive and informative dashboard was a complex task.

Our Solution:

Cubet's expert team collaborated extensively with the client to understand the challenges and requirements. They decided to utilize Flutter technology to develop a Maintenance Mobile App for Android and iOS platforms. The initial focus was on implementing the 'Technician' role and incorporating notification and alert mechanisms.

To manage the project effectively, a Project Roadmap was created, and guidelines were provided to app developers, designers, and testers. A functional prototype of the app was developed with features such as login authentication, profile management, alert creation and resolution, an interactive dashboard, task management, and reporting.

The app allowed technicians to manage their schedules, access the Alert Kanban, and handle service tasks and unplanned maintenance. It provided a secure login mechanism, ensured data safety, and offered scalability options. The app was rigorously tested to ensure high interactivity, minimal delays, and optimal performance under demanding conditions.

Insightful reports were developed, offering different perspectives and visualizing data through dropdowns, checkboxes, graphs, and calendar plugins. The app provided features for downloading reports in popular formats.

Technologies Included:

  • .Net MAUI
  •  MSSQL

Outcomes and Impact:

Cubet commissioned the mobile maintenance application for the client in record time, within the deadline, and without going overboard with the allocated budget.

The client was extremely happy with the overall design and implementation of the application, which was user-friendly, intuitive, and aligned with the business priorities.

The app shored up the reputation of the client as a proficient service provider for resolving technical maintenance problems expeditiously. It bagged AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) from prestigious organizations, which propelled its revenue growth and profitability quotient on an upward trajectory.

Key Takeaways:

This case study demonstrates how Cubet helped a large manufacturing and automation company to streamline its maintenance operations and enhance productivity with a mobile app.

The app was developed using Flutter technology, which allowed for a quick and cost-effective development process.

The app features a user-friendly interface, secure login mechanism, and robust performance.

The app has had a positive impact on the client's business, helping them to bag AMC contracts from prestigious organizations.


Other manufacturing and automation companies can benefit from the app by adopting a similar approach.

Companies can use the app to improve their maintenance operations, enhance productivity, and provide comprehensive insights.

The app can be customized to meet the specific needs of different companies.

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