8 Reasons to Choose Java for Web Development

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8 Reasons to Choose Java for Web Development

One of the primary reasons for Java’s popularity is – platform independence. Java has crossed 25 years in programming and consistent development, making it the first choice for developers. 

It is an object-oriented language and features a robust code that contains no references to the data. Plus, the language is simple to understand and comes with a library of classes. 

Though it comes with 50 keywords and contains tens and thousands of ways, you can use them for development. The language is highly efficient for enterprise software, embedded systems, games, and mobile applications. 

Additionally, Amazon, Facebook, and Google use Java as a maintenance web development solution. Let’s discuss the reasons why Java is apt for backend web development. 

8 Reasons to Choose Java for Web Development:

1. Secure

Most web development services or independent web developers choose Java for development as it is highly secure. Besides, the features you would use for security are present in Java,  as it has many in-build security features like – access control, abundance authentication, and cryptography. 

The advanced security features ensure there is no security lag in the web development process. Using the features, the developers can focus on a comprehensive API that includes digital signatures and secure login mechanisms.

Java also lets you create a custom security policy. Java is the best programming language that offers complete security control in the development process. 

2. Platform Independent

Platform independence is the best reason to choose Java for web development services. The developers can write once and reuse the code on different platforms. The feature makes using Java highly portable and versatile. Plus, you can use the language on multi-platform applications without any issues. The web development services using Java don’t have to worry about the changing operating systems. 

Additionally, they don’t have to face any hassles or costs of resolving different incompatibility issues. It is the most vital benefit of using the Java programming language.

3. Used in Real-world Apps

Real-world applications are currently trending and Java being used in real-world apps provides great features. As developers use it to create real-world apps, it gives them added confidence.

 For instance, Java is used in applications like – Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. In addition, it’s the best choice for developing any kind of enterprise web application. 

You can use Java in almost any industry like – finance, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Besides, it’s the best bet for the largest technologies like – cloud development and IoT. Most developers integrate the language with AR and VR to create functional web applications. 

4. Comes with a Rich Set of APIs

Java contains a large set of APIs, so a web development company may always prefer Java as its programming language. Java developers get the freedom to select the APIs based on web development requirements. 

Additionally, you can select Java APIs for XML parsing, networking, database connection, and other utilities. The language offers a rich set of APIs, which eases the development process. 

The rest of the topics are covered by the open source libraries like – Apache commands, Google guava, and Apache POI. Rich APIs make the development process seamless for new developers. 

5. Supports Multi-threading

Applications written in Java can manage multiple users. The multi-threading capability helps save time and effort for the developers. The developers don’t have to save and execute the multiple code copies on the same hardware as Java helps create multiple threads with a single copy of the software as required by the application. 

Additionally, a multi-threaded environment supported by Java provides the users with lesser issues and faster response time. The feature is adept at – providing faster concurrent access and better performance. Plus, with the support, developers can create more efficient web-based applications. 

6. Supports Many Java Tools

With ready tools and components, a developer’s job becomes easier. Developing a web application can be time-consuming, but IDE and tools help to increase the productivity of the apps. Besides, IDEs are the most feasible option while using a web app.

IDE is freely available in the market, which ensures high-end performance. Eclipse and Netbeans are the two most popular IDEs for developing Java applications. In addition, there is a slew of complimentary plugins and tools available for Java programming and testing different Java applications. Open source tools help in developing exceptional web applications. 

7. Object-oriented Programming Language

One main reason – why you should choose Java is; that it is an object-oriented programming language. For the web development process, the feature is as desirable as an OOP. An object-oriented language makes it easier to manage and code. 

It is also adept at keeping the system modular, scalable, and more flexible. All the objects created in Java can be reused across different applications. When the developers reuse the software, it lowers the cost of application development. OOP languages create objects that contain both the methods and data. 

8. Highly Scalable

Scalability is a critical feature for a web app or mobile application. And Java stands number one in the scalability department. It is designed in a way that it handles demanding workloads with ease. 

Plus, it may include higher data sets and higher request rates. Java is adept at the needs of the application, and it gives developers the freedom to scale the application horizontally and vertically to meet added requirements. 

Ideally, developers can include the tiniest codes if they want to improve the response time of the app. Scalability also affects the application speed, which makes the app a success.


The top reasons for choosing Java as a programming language can be your motivation for developing web apps. If you want to develop Java-based applications, it’s important to contact an experienced web development company or developers who know the language well. 

Besides, expertise in the field will make a huge difference in app development. Java-based apps are high in quality and reliability, so choose the language to develop scalable apps.

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