Lung Life

Lung Life Lung Life

Lung Life

LungLife – Keep track of your daily smoking activity. Monitor the number of cigarettes you saved and cigarettes you smoked. See your activity in a graph for the last 7 days. Use Apple Watch extension to easily keep count without having to take your phone out.

  • Client

    Lung Life

  • Sector

    Health & Fitness

  • Services

    Mobile Application Development, UI/UX Service

  • Type

    Mobile Application

  • Technology Used

    #Watch OS1

Business Requirement

The client wanted an apple watch application that looks simple but useful. They provided an idea, which helps to quit smoking, that we have to implement with a simple user interface. User should be able to record the number of cigarettes that they saved and smoked.

Our Approach

We provided a simple UI to client that looks similar in both apple watch and iphone. We planed to develop a watch app, which works along with a parent ios app, with available watchkit framework.

The Challenge

The development of a apple watch app was completely unknown to us. We explored the watchkit framework and apple resources in order to build an efficient watch app.


We have completed the apple watch app in one week and submitted to appstore successfully.

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